The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: 60-Minutes Of Silence and Peace
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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: 60-Minutes Of Silence and Peace

A True REST Float Spa experience is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift

April 15, 2020 // // PHOENIX - While there is nothing better than a mother’s love, it’s hard work. As they grow ever more stressed over work, family and relationship demands, finances and sheer exhaustion, it’s no wonder that American mothers are among the most stressed in the industrialized world, according to sociologist Caitlyn Collins. And, especially in light of facing a global pandemic and that entails, reducing stress and enjoying an hour of total silence is every mothers’ dream now more than ever. It can come true this Mother’s Day with a True REST Float Spa experience.

The world leader in flotation therapy and the largest float spa brand, True REST Float Spa is offering a free gift certificate for each one purchased between April 24 and May 10. The gift certificates never expire.

In honor of the women we celebrate, True REST Float Spa has compiled 10 reasons why moms of all ages will think a float therapy gift certificate is the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

  1. Silence.
    Flotation therapy is 60-minutes of uninterrupted silence, also known as sensory deprivation.
  2. Reduces anxiety.
    Float therapy is a proven all-natural treatment for anxiety and stress.
  3. Pain relief.
    Floating provides profound relaxation, life-changing pain relief and a better night’s sleep.
  4. Encourages sleep.
    Flotation tanks have aided those with insomnia or other sleep disorders.
  5. Epsom salts.
    Mom will float in 10 inches of water saturated with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts in a float pod. Epsom Salts are great for skin, hair and nails and acts as an exfoliate.
  6. Guilt-free selfcare.
    Many mothers put self-care on the backburner as they take care of everyone but themselves. Float therapy is a guilt-free experience that promotes self-care.
  7. Decreases Stress.
    She will be more refreshed and relaxed following her float because float therapy has been proven to decrease the production of cortisol, a stress hormone.
  8. Promotes Creativity.
    There is evidence, both anecdotal and scientific, that floating increases feelings of creativity, enhances problem solving abilities and even accelerates learning.
  9. Meditation.
    While in the float pod, many users meditate and focus on mindfulness.
  10. Mental Relaxation.
    Floating also offers a natural increase in dopamine and other neurotransmitters, which create feelings of euphoria and aid mental relaxation. True REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy) is a zero-gravity environment that allows the mind and body to completely let go, relax and reset.

True REST is a membership-based float spa that provides a luxury experience. Every location offers services tailored to meet customers’ individual needs in an environment that promotes full-body wellness. True REST Float Spa locations have up to six float-pod suites outfitted with individual showers and changing areas for personal appointments, as well as an oxygen bar and an oasis room. True REST is dedicated to offering a holistic solution to health and wellness and providing its members with an experience unlike any other.

True REST Float Spa is committed to providing quality care and tailored services to meet customers’ individual needs. A one-hour float therapy session at True REST Float Spa is $79, and monthly memberships are available. This special BOGO Mother’s Day gift certificate offer may be purchased online at

For more information on True REST Float Spa’s Mother’s Day gift certificate offer and participating locations, visit

About True REST Float Spa

True REST Float Spa is the world's largest float spa brand. In 2019, True REST Franchising LLC was ranked No. 7 in Entrepreneur’s Top New Franchises and No. 234 in Entrepreneur’s Top 500. With over 79 awarded locations, including 35 open locations and another 15 opening soon across the country, it’s on its way to servicing 1 million floats. True REST Float Spa has created a luxury float spa experience in 10 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts. Members float effortlessly in their float suites. Each location is dedicated to providing pain relief, relaxation and better sleep through a 60-minute float session. True REST Float Spa offers monthly memberships, programs and packages. For more information, go to Or visit Facebook:, Twitter: or Instagram:

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