Pinspiration Franchise Owner Gets Logo Tattoo
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Pinspiration Franchise Owner Gets Logo Tattoo

November 16, 2020 // // Leslie Elton is the owner of Pinspiration Henderson, a DIY Craft Studio opening soon in the Henderson / Las Vegas area. Pinspiration is a nationwide franchise which currently has 21 open craft studios and 57 franchisees. Leslie was one of the few selected to be a franchise owner out of over 13,000 total franchise applicants nationwide.

Right after Leslie received the keys to her new studio, she called up her tattoo artist to book an appointment to get part of Pinspiration’s logo in permanent ink on her body!

“I knew as soon as I joined the Pinspiration family in January 2020 that I wanted a tattoo, but I waited until I had the keys in my hand before making the appointment,” Leslie said. During that time, she planned the design and placement of her tattoo.

“My 4 other tattoos are not visible unless I want them to be. This one was different. I wanted it to be on display - and I also wanted to be able to see it myself.” Leslie explained that the tattoo was kind of like the “Vision Board” craft offered at Pinspiration in that it was intended to serve as her daily motivation and inspiration to reach her goal of owning a creative arts and crafts studio.

“They tell you to write down your goals,” she said, “so I took it to the extreme and wrote mine down permanently.”

Creativity is clearly important to Leslie. She is passionate about her studio because she believes it will bring the power of creativity to her local community. She said, “Creativity is the ultimate way to express yourself. A little spark can slowly grow into more and more, and before you know it, something beautiful is born.” Leslie believes that her studio is being born in that way as well -- she started on the journey, trusted the process, and now is building something magical. “Everything happens for a reason and in its time,” she says.

The tattoo design itself is the lightbulb from the Pinspiration logo combined with colorful paint splatters. The paint splatters are symbols of the famous Pinspiration Splatter Room™, where customers suit up head-to-toe and fling paint at a canvas to create a messy masterpiece. Leslie explains, “I wanted to incorporate the Splatter Room™ since it is so unique to Pinspiration.”

“It’s a small tattoo, but it means so much to me. It’s my future, my daughter’s future, and it touches my heart,” Leslie said.

Several other members of the Pinspiration Franchisee family are considering matching tattoos! “I had gone to Pinspiration training in Alabama, and the other franchisees were talking about getting tattoos. I told them I had an appointment already booked!” Leslie posted her tattoo pictures in the Pinspiration Owners Facebook group just 4 days later to prove it, much to the excitement of the other owners. “The Pinspiration Community has been such a supportive, amazing family,” Leslie said.

Leslie’s studio opens in Henderson in early 2021. “We will make magic happen here - it’s going to be amazing,” Leslie said. You can join Pinspiration Henderson’s newsletter list here to stay updated and get a Grand Opening invite.

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