Zabka Opened A Store Supplied In 100% With Green Energy
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Zabka Opened A Store Supplied In 100% With Green Energy

The chain is testing forward-looking customer- and environment-friendly solutions

Photovoltaics and use of quantum dots technology, a kinetic floor converting footsteps into energy, anti-smog cobblestone complemented by a green wall of plants absorbing dust and smog, and many others - these are just some of the innovative solutions utilized in a Zabka store at 46H Lewandów Street in Warsaw. Moreover, in front of the store there is also an ECOmat and an electric car charging station - so that each customer may join positive, environment-friendly actions of Zabka.

November 25, 2020 // // Zabka demonstrated what the future of the use of pro-ecological solutions in trade may look like. The store crammed with multiple innovations is already open for customers. The outlet is a kind of a laboratory, testing such innovative on global scale solutions as quantum dots and kinetic floor.

Zabka is one of the most dynamically developing retail chains in Europe, but only owing to responsible development we can build our joint future. We changed the store format, we underwent digital transformation, but responsibility for the environment is equally important for us. Because we take care of people and their environment, we undertake jointly with out franchisees, employees and customers pro-ecological initiatives in the area of green energy and transport, clean air and closed-loop economy. An example of such project is the first Zabka store supplied in 100% with green energy, which we opened in Warsaw. The store will play the role of our laboratory, where we are going to test environment-friendly solutions, showing the development direction of the future of trade - says Tomasz Suchanski, President of the Board in Zabka Polska.

The technologies applied by Zabka in the store in Bialoleka, a district of Warsaw, focus on four pillars, such as: green energy, circular design, clean air and green transport.

We installed in the store and its surroundings approximately 20 various environment-friendly solutions. These are among others: such pioneering solutions as a kinetic floor or windows with quantum dots acquiring energy from sun rays. We also did out best to provide the store with ecological equipment - we used recycled furniture and built a wall of plastic bottles collected by the people working on the project. We are the first ones to test these solutions not only in trade, but also worldwide. We hope the store, which was already previously eagerly visited by neighbouring resident, will not arouse additional curiosity in them and encourage them for pro-ecological actions. They will have an opportunity not only to see the solutions applied in the store, but also - as is the case of the ECOmat, a bicycle repair station or a solar bench - also use such solutions - adds Adam Manikowski, Vice President of the Board in Zabka Polska.

Green energy

Carbon-fueled power industry emits huge volumes of carbon dioxide. The same volume of solar energy leaves approximately 17 times smaller carbon footprint than electricity generated from fossil fuels, so electricity in the Zabka store at Lewandów street comes in 100% from renewable energy sources, mainly from solar energy, which is stored thus enabling its utilization 24 hours a day regardless of the weather conditions, and from the Wierzcholas wind farm. 40 photovoltaic panels were installed in the roof.

Moreover, the outlet utilizes quantum technologies - quantum dots are elements of the store windows. Owing to them it is possible to obtain solar energy falling on the seemingly transparent windows and naturally illuminate the store. Zabka will be one of very few companies worldwide to have this solution in place - presently the chain will be the third entity on global scale and the second one in Poland.  Moreover, nowhere else in Poland one can find the kinetic floor, converting each footstep into electricity. The energy coming from footsteps made on the kinetic floor installed in the store supplies the in-store equipment. The floor in the Zabka store utilizes the state-of-art technology of compression electromagnetic generators, which convert each footstep into environment-friendly energy. This is the second installation of this type in a retail chain in Europe.

Smart fridge door is an innovative technological solution manufactured specifically for Zabka. It reduces the volume of escaping energy. It suffices to touch the door with your hand and the shutter door opens by itself - this is both a convenient and energy-efficient solution.

The store also utilizes smart price tags and smart digital signage screens, being digital equivalents of the posters used before. Either solution is supplied with green energy and additionally they enable paper savings.

Green energy can be also directly used by chain’s customers - in front of the store there is an ecological solar bench, owing to which one can recharge a smartphone. Annually the bench’s panels generate 80 kWh of energy - this translates into 16 thousand hours of a standard smartphone charging.

Circular design

In 1980 in Poland there were 2.5 thousand m3 of drinkable water per person, and in recent years this level dropped to as low as even 1.1 thousand m3. Droughts, drying out of lakes and rivers is a very likely scenario for the future. Therefore, Zabka saves water by installing in its stores tap aerators, enabling water savings by as much as 50%. Moreover, in front of the building there is a 2200-liter rainwater tank. Additionally, whenever possible, water in the store goes into a closed-loop system - when there is no ran, the rainwater from the tank and water from the store is used to water the plants growing around the store.

The Zabka store also utilizes a technical room wall made of 1000 PET bottles (which translate into as much as 14 kg of plastics), collected by store’s designers. Also the furniture in the store and the ceiling have an interesting history - they were made of recycled materials with limited use of fossil fuels. The very manufacturing process utilizes waste from wood processing in a technology generating minimum volumes of carbon dioxide. Paper product lightboxes are made of recycled paper, which also lives its second life.

Zabka chain implements closed-loop economy, encouraging also customers to give second life to packaging; therefore, in front of the store at Lewandów Street there is the ECOmat - a device for collection of bottles and cans. The waste, empty bottles so collected will be used to make new ones, which leave a 33% smaller carbon footprint than the traditional packaging. Moreover, owing to such solution less plastics go to landfills of waste.

Clean air

It is hard to breathe in cities, and smog poses a huge risk for health. Therefore, Zabka wishes to reduce the volume of dust and harmful substances released to the atmosphere. Plants are an excellent method to clean the air. A vertical garden in the Zabka store generates oxygen, absorbs harmful compounds from the air and dust and looks beautiful on top of that. Plants grow just next to the parking lot and absorb up to 85% of the exhaust fumes, which would otherwise go into the atmosphere. In combination with the action of anti-smog cobblestone, this gives the effect of clean air.

The anti-smog cobblestone put in front of the store is provided with photocatalitic surface consisting of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide. The cobblestone reduces the concentration of nitrogen oxides in the air on the average by approximately 50%, compared to asphalt.

Green transport

Zabka promotes the Smart City idea and extends a helping hand to drivers of electric cars, by providing them with access to a vehicle charging station. The use of a car charged with green energy (from the Wierzcholas wind far) emits 3 times less of carbon dioxide than driving a similar car with a Diesel engine. The store provides access to two charging points with the power of 3.7 kW; 7.4 kW; 11 kW; 22 kW using alternating current (AC).

The chain also remembers about cyclists - after all, a bicycle is the most ecological and the healthiest mean of transport! The bicycle repair station located next to the store will enable swift adjustment of brakes and gear, pumping of the wheels, as well as making emergency repairs.

A detailed mechanism of action of all solutions applied in the store can be found at the website.

Zabka believes lives of people in the future depend on each small decisions being made here and now. Therefore, the chain tries not only to change itself but also include franchisees, customers and stakeholders into the change. Ecology is part of company’s DNA, and green agenda is one of important pillars of its development. The pro-environmental initiatives deployed by Zabka focus on energy savings, closed-loop economy and reduction of the carbon footprint. Activities of the chain were recognized among others with awarding of the ISO14001 certificate related to environmental management, and of - a particularly rare among Polish companies - ISO50001 certificate related to energy management.




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