Three Reasons To Sell And Recycle Old Electronics At PayMore This Spring
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Three Reasons To Sell And Recycle Old Electronics At PayMore This Spring

Popular buy, sell and trade electronics retailer outlines benefits and best practices for properly and securely recycling tech gear during spring cleaning season

June 04, 2021 // // MASSAPEQUA, NEW YORK - PayMore, the industry leader in the buy, sell and trade market for electronics, today shared the top three reasons consumers should recycle old or broken electronics when spring cleaning. PayMore provides a fast, safe and easy way for consumers to sell or trade-in electronic devices and to purchase a new or pre-owned device online or at a local store.

“Everyone has electronics sitting around their house that are either aged, broken or that they want to trade up for a newer device,” said Nicholas Facchiano, PayMore franchisee in Cary, North Carolina. “Even in situations where old devices have little to no cash value, there’s typically an opportunity for customers to receive some store credit that they can apply to purchase of a newer device, reducing the cost of upgrading."

1. Reduce household clutter while earning top dollar.
With many people spending more time at home over the past year, it presents a prime opportunity to cleanout closets and organize cabinets. Old laptops, tablets, cell phones, graphing calculators, smart watches, MP3 players, video game systems and digital cameras are typical electronics that consumers allow to sit in storage and rarely or never use once they are packed away. These items and more can be sold to PayMore stores to decrease home clutter while earning quick cash or store credit.

“Many people are under the false impression that their old or damaged electronics are worthless, but the reality is we offer a secure and safe retail location where people go to sell their new, used and even broken devices for cash,” said Erik Helgesen, president of PayMore. “We train each of our PayMore technicians to recover parts in order to refurbish new devices, recycling them back into the marketplace and giving them new life.”

2. Upcycle to help the environment.
PayMore’s mission is to reduce electronic waste by repurposing devices that would have been tossed into a landfill. The Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA) Facts and Figures about Materials, Waste and Recycling show that Americans generated 2.7 million tons of consumer electronics goods in 2018. Consumers can help decrease the tons of e-waste negatively affecting the environment by properly recycling electronics through PayMore Stores. The retail franchise offers local electronics recycling in the communities it serves to prevent chemical ridden electronics from entering local waste facilities. The company also supports sustainable electronics purchases by offering great deals on new and gently pre-owned electronics with warranties.

3. Protect personal information.
From mobile phones and voice-activated assistants to smart home appliances and GPS-enabled wearable fitness tools, the number of high-tech devices consumers interact with and increasingly depend on every day continues to grow. PayMore stores are committed to protecting data privacy by safely wiping each device after trade in and consumers can have their devices wiped on the spot before they leave the store.

“Protecting personal data is more important than ever. Our PayMore team is trained to professionally data wipe all devices we receive, so we can put consumers at ease regarding identity theft or data hackers getting ahold of their old electronics,” said Stephen Preuss, chief executive officer of PayMore. “We want our customers to feel confident about selling or trading their old electronics with us.”




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