Interim HealthCare Launches National Home Care & Hospice Month Campaign, "The Difference is Home"
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Interim HealthCare Launches National Home Care & Hospice Month Campaign, "The Difference is Home"

Interim HealthCare raises awareness for the power of home healthcare to help connect more individuals with the unique benefits it provides

SUNRISE, Fla., Oct. 27, 2021 // PRNewswire // - Interim HealthCare Inc. today announced the launch of "The Difference is Home," a campaign to showcase the unique benefits and full continuum of available home healthcare services.

Sharing Why Healthcare is Better at Home

Coinciding with November's Home Care & Hospice Month, "The Difference is Home" aims to educate people on the power of home healthcare. Offering a full continuum of care, home healthcare includes pediatric, adult skilled nursing, senior care, postoperative care, Medicare-certified care, and hospice, allowing for an individualized approach focused on empowerment and the pursuit of possibilities rather than perceived limitations. The home is where patient care can happen in the most personal way, typically resulting in a higher quality of care, reduced hospital readmissions and better optimization of healthcare dollars, improved health outcomes, and greater patient satisfaction.

As part of the national monthlong campaign, Interim HealthCare is featuring the real-life experiences of five home healthcare stakeholders who have been profoundly impacted by the power of home healthcare:

  • Josie B., Adult Skilled Nursing Client (Wampum, P.A.) – Admitted in 1984, Josie has been supported by home healthcare since she was six months old after being born with a disability. Growing up, her nurses went with her to school, on camping trips and to college where she lived in the dorms. Today, Josie's nurses help with her ventilator and trach, along with other complex medical care services and everyday needs as she runs a successful consulting business and helps advocate for others with disabilities. Home healthcare has made all the difference for Josie, allowing her to grow up in a loving home environment, achieve her dreams and thrive in life.
  • Kaitlyn M., Pediatric Care Patient (Verona, P.A.) – Born with Agenesis of corpus callosum, which causes seizures and severe developmental delay, Kaitlyn is required to have a feeding tube and total nursing care. She has received home healthcare for the past 16 years. While Kaitlyn doesn't speak or walk, she is happy and surrounded by a loving family and nurses who adore her and closely monitor her condition. Home healthcare has allowed Kaitlyn to live at home with her family while receiving pediatric care, which has significantly improved her quality of life.
  • John C., Senior Care Client (Salina, K.S.) – A U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam, John started home health services in April 2021. John's aide makes in-home visits three times a week to support his mobility through exercise, which has led to great improvements in his health. John also started attending Interim HealthCare's monthly Vet-to-Vet cafe which allows him to engage with other veterans and promotes socializing. Home healthcare has enabled John to regain his freedom, properly care for his COPD and embrace life again.
  • Louis K., COVID-19 Recovery Patient (Summerville, S.C.) – After spending four days in the hospital with COVID-19 in early September, Louis was discharged into home health services as part of the benefits available to him as a Medicare recipient. Prior to becoming ill with COVID-19, Louis was an active 85-year-old who played golf once a week. The focused nursing care, physical therapy and occupational therapy he receives has helped him improve significantly in a matter of weeks and he is on track for a full recovery without the need for rehospitalization.
  • Howard and Charlene R., Hospice Patients (Grand Rapids, M.I.) – Married for 68 years, Howard and Charlene have had many wonderful life experiences and wanted to continue living with a quality of life as they aged. After receiving home health services, Charlene and Howard both transitioned to hospice care in August due to declining health. The nursing, therapy and aide care that hospice provides have allowed Howard and Charlene to stay in their home, surrounded by loved ones, where they can make the most of this treasured time together.

Additionally, to better understand the underlying motivations and perceptions around home healthcare, Interim HealthCare commissioned The Harris Poll to survey Americans on their knowledge of home healthcare services. The study was designed to help encourage increased understanding and appreciation of what home healthcare can deliver in terms of healthcare outcomes, value-for-healthcare dollars, and consumer preferences. A separate announcement on the findings of the nationwide study will be released in the coming days.

Celebrating a Community of Care

In addition to highlighting what sets home-based care apart, Interim HealthCare invites stakeholders to understand and appreciate the tireless helping hands behind the scenes of these inspiring stories who often go unrecognized: the community of care that makes it possible. From home health professionals and paraprofessionals who provide care and the certified agencies who employ and support them, to physicians, discharge planners, and social workers who guide the journeys to support their outcomes and the payors that reimburse this invaluable service, there is an entire community of care that keeps the home healthcare industry thriving.

In honor of Home Care and Hospice Month, Interim HealthCare invites the public to express gratitude for the community of care that makes home healthcare so extraordinary by participating in the campaign's Wall of Inspiration, which will showcase the moving stories of those who have been impacted by home healthcare.

"For those of us long ingrained in home healthcare, we see every day the difference home-based care has on clients and their quality of life," said Jennifer Sheets, Interim HealthCare Inc. president and CEO. "What the last two years have taught us is that the home is where outcomes are better and where people truly want to be. Throughout our monthlong celebration, we will further elevate these messages to communities that can benefit most from home healthcare's services, and especially honor and recognize the sacrifice of the thousands of clinicians, aides, and caregivers who facilitate these invaluable services."

Among other features of the campaign are ways to engage consumers with educating content and fun giveaways that reinforce the difference home makes. For example, there are giveaway opportunities of MyndVR virtual reality headsets, which are specifically designed to connect patients and seniors with memories and the world outside from the comfort of their homes. Also tucked into the month is Home Care Aide Week, November 7-13, to honor and celebrate the indispensable role aides play in supporting the activities of daily living for so many Americans, ensuring their ability to heal and age in place. Home care aides will have a chance to win daily giveaways which include $125 gift cards to Home Chef, $50 gift cards for allheart gear, the nation's leading online supplier of medical apparel and personal diagnostic equipment, and access to free educational webinars.

SOURCE Interim HealthCare Inc.



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