Protecting Your Vehicle from Potential Pothole Damage
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Protecting Your Vehicle from Potential Pothole Damage

CARSTAR Owner Kyle Wharff Offers Advice to Protect your Car from Potholes

June 22, 2022 // // Charlotte, NC -  As road trips ramp up for summer vacations, drivers need to be mindful of the ahead. Depending on the region, pothole damage is a common issue seen by many drivers, especially following the rainy spring season.

CARSTAR Ace Sullins owner, Kyle Wharff, has been in the collision repair industry for many years. He is a third-generation owner, having purchased his facility from his parents in 2004. Being located in Miramar, FL, Wharff and his team are no strangers to vehicles damaged by potholes. Florida is home to heavy traffic, a lot of rain, and extreme temperatures - prime conditions for potholes to pop up.

“With the amount of potholes we have here in Florida, we see about three to four vehicles per month come in for repair caused by pothole damage,” said Kyle Wharff, owner, CARSTAR Ace Sullins. “To add to this, my facility is located in an area with busy roads, year-round rain, causing more damage, and extreme heat. So, we see customers all year round for these repairs, as opposed to other states where they see more pothole damage following the winter and spring.”

Based on Wharff’s experience, he offered a few tips to drivers to keep their car protected from potholes.

  1. Properly inflate your tires and check them periodically. A properly inflated tire will give the vehicle added protection should you hit a pothole.
  2. Give space to the vehicle in front of you. This will give you a better visual of the road, and more time to avoid a pothole that may be in your path.
  3. Do not brake while hitting the pothole. Braking can actually cause more damage to the car.
  4. Watch for puddles. It impossible to know how deep the pothole can be if it is filled with water, therefore, be cautious when traveling through puddles.
  5. Firmly hold the steering wheel. You are at risk of losing control when you drive over a pothole. To maintain control, ensure you grip the wheel firmly.

“If you do hit a pothole, it is important to pull over in a safe location and inspect your vehicle,” continued Wharff. “Make sure your tire is fully inflated and there is no visible damage to the structure of the wheel. Also ensure you look under the vehicle to see if there is any damage to the plastic covers.”

Another precautionary measure drivers can take is to have a mechanic check all the suspension components when the vehicle is brought in to get the oil changed and tires rotated to ensure all parts are in good condition. This way, the driver can stay ahead of any issues and ensure their vehicle is safe and the most protected from road damage.




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