Crunch To Launch 12 New Boxing And HIIT Classes In Q1 Of 2023
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Crunch To Launch 12 New Boxing And HIIT Classes In Q1 Of 2023

December 07, 2022 // // NEW YORK, NY - Crunch announced 12 new proprietary group fitness classes to launch throughout 2023, featuring programming exclusively available to Crunch members. Among the classes debuting in Q1 are four boxing formats, a new HIITZone™ workout, and core strength training, joining a roster of 80+ existing group fitness offerings already available to members.

"Crunch members are well accustomed to our innovative, creative, and one-of-a-kind programming that not only keeps you fit but keeps you motivated with fun and challenging classes," noted Jen Renfroe, Senior Vice President of Group Fitness at Crunch. "We are excited to launch new group fitness offerings featuring something for everyone, from core strength training to intensive boxing workouts."

The Crunch Group Fitness classes launching in 2023 include:

  • Ground Level – an interval class focusing on bodyweight strength and core training. Utilizing ground-level drills and standing rest periods known as "Level Up Breaks," this one-of-a-kind workout will leave you strong and steady. Mix strength drills inspired by animal movement patterns with crushing core exercises to define, shape, and sculpt your body in only 30 minutes. This unique workout features seven rounds of work per class, each with a different mobility-based movement and a different core exercise, designed to push your limits and challenge your mind and body.
  • Push the Perimeter - this combination class features superset strength sequences alternated with fast and furious drills around the studio's perimeter. This class utilizes barbells, dumbbells, slam balls, and kettlebells to work speed, agility, and quickness while using the perimeter of the room as four distinct lanes. Work through four as-many-reps-as-possible "sets" in a thirty-minute workout, where the participants work for one minute and execute as many reps as they can. These four sets are then followed by a one-minute "push the perimeter" cardio round that will challenge your strength and stamina.
  • BattleHIIT Out – the ultimate HIIT battleground. Work in teams of two as you compete with your partner to perform the maximum reps at each station. Get ready for turf battle rounds where you face off in reaction drills to bring home the bragging rights in this all-in, all-out battleground workout!
  • Barbell Bound - Bound for time? Bound for results? You're bound to raise the bar in this singular workout that combines two types of strength training. Lift your way through barbell sets alternated with bound rounds, which include one-minute sets of work that utilize a specialized long band anchored to your body, and burnout sets that utilize heavy resistance bands to produce a grueling workout that will leave you unbelievably strong, focused, and barbell bound.

Boxing Formats:

  • 12-Round TKO - Take your workout to the extreme in this fiercely fun Tabata-based workout. Develop power, speed, agility, and footwork as you fight through four dedicated 12-round blocks of work. Kick your fitness level into overdrive with a Battle Royale finisher that demands endurance and power for grueling bouts of demanding cardio followed by explosive core work.
  • Fight Camp - Want to train like the pros in the ring? Become brilliant at the basics in this workout designed to hone your boxing skills and sharpen your mind. Punch with power on the heavy bag, develop timing and fluidity in combinations, develop your core stability, and train your reaction time. In Fight Camp, you'll walk away feeling like a champ, with strength, endurance, speed, and power to spare!
  • Heavy Hitter - Become a Heavy Hitter and discover your power in the next phase of your fitness journey– even outside the ring– with this vigorous workout designed to build endurance, strength, and stability. Using a variety of resistance training styles and intervals on and off the heavy bag, this workout is designed to push the limits of upper body and lower body strength and challenge core strength and stability.
  • Round It Out - Get ready to rumble in this dynamic station-based boxing circuit workout. Utilizing heavy bags, KNUX, and sandbells, this workout will get you in fighting shape and ready to win the bout. Move through eight dedicated stations with a combination of longer fight rounds, then repeat at maximum intensity in our signature Knockout Rounds. Wildcard rounds tax the body and mind with rapid-fire Boxmaster combination work, leaving you fit to fight and ready to rumble.

All Crunch Fitness and Crunch Select locations will offer these new group fitness classes for 2023 as part of the company's commitment to innovative programming.




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