Babe to Business, a Network Offering the Full Life Cycle
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Babe to Business, a Network Offering the Full Life Cycle

April 19, 2024 // // UNITED KINGDOM - From taking your first steps walking to taking your first steps in business, Razzamataz Theatre Schools is a business that nurtures growth and development every step of the way. With a unique approach that blends creativity with entrepreneurial skills, Razzamataz offers a platform for both young learners and aspiring entrepreneurs to thrive. Whether it's fostering confidence on stage or teaching the fundamentals of business, Razzamataz empowers individuals to reach their full potential and shine in every aspect of life. Meet some of our diverse network of students and franchisees.

Child development

Ada was just seven weeks old when she came along to her first Tiny Tots session at Razzamataz South Lakes with mum Clare. She’s now three and progressed through to the Tots classes.

Clare says: “Initially we joined for the social aspect and to help create some normality and routine after the pandemic. Once I went back to work, the mam guilt kicked in as she wasn't with me and I wasn't giving her all my attention so it's just something we love to do together. I love how once she's has done a dance or something she looks for me to do a thumbs up, clap or she runs for a high five. It's our time together in our busy life.

“Ada has gone from a tiny quiet baby to being up at the front singing and dancing with everyone. She loves being around all the other children and I love to see her take her little friend by the hand and try and encourage her to join in too. Ada loves to try and copy some of the older children which helps her pick up some new moves too. She has also recently started talking to Poppy and Fran (the teachers) and she loves to show them her finished crafts and tell them about what she has made.

“I love being part of the Razz family! I was so nervous about starting Razzamataz almost three years ago as we hadn't been to any groups due to COVID and at the time I knew of no one that had babies at a similar time to me so starting a group on my own was a massive step. But the team, especially Asha and Amber, just made me feel so welcome and I have made a lovely little group of friends, as has Ada.”

Inspiring teenagers

Alice Wade joined Razzamataz when she was 9 until the age of 16. But her journey was far from over as she reached out to Principal Asha in search of an assisting job, where she found her love for teaching. She also took on the responsibility of the admin side of the business after completing work experience in July 2023. Then in September 2023, Alice became a Minis teacher at the Penrith and Appleby schools.

Alice says: “After taking on a teaching role just a year after joining the Razzamataz team, I was surprised by my growth and progress, as I never expected to develop so quickly. But Asha's support and belief in me helped me on my journey. I am grateful for the experience of being a teacher, as it reminded me of my love for performing and made me more focused in pursuing my dream. In September I am going on to study for a Diploma in Performing Arts.

“By finding my love for performing, I was able to express myself creatively which was the unknown confidence boost I needed! Also, the constructive feedback and support from my incredible teachers over the years helped me grow and they are ultimately the reason for my overall confidence.

“From my own experiences, I can relate to the challenges students may face such as confidence issues and tailor my teaching approach to meet their individual needs. Also, I understand the positive impact that a supportive environment can have on students' growth and development, both as performers and individuals.

“Today as a Razzamataz teacher, I strive to create a supportive and encouraging environment by creating a sense of community and celebrating each student's progress and achievements. I encourage teamwork among students and create a safe space where newcomers can feel comfortable expressing themselves which helps them build confidence and reach their full potential both on and off stage.

“I would say to other young people, don’t give up. Everyone has moments of doubt, but it is so important to believe in yourself and your abilities. Also, take challenges as opportunities for growth and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

Creating careers

There are currently many franchisees within the network that started off as either students, work experience placements, assistants or teachers. Here is just a little of what they have to say about their unique journey with Razzamataz.

  • Matty Rayson was just 16 when he joined Razzamataz on a work placement. He is now the Principal of Razzamataz West Cumbria as well as the new Operations Manager. He says: “I'm a prime example of finding my niche in performing arts even though I didn’t actually enjoy being on stage. Being part of Razzamataz really transformed my life, gave me the confidence and self-belief to discover what it was that I truly wanted to do.”
  • Jodie Hall, age 22 is the franchise owner at Razzamataz Derby. Jodie has been part of Razzamataz since she was just 13, starting out as a student, then progressing to assistant, teacher and now Principal. She says: “Razzamataz has always felt like a massive family and the commitment of building from within has given so many young people opportunities to grow successful careers. As a student, Razzamataz gave me so much confidence and opportunities that I don’t believe I would have experienced elsewhere. In fact, some of my closest friends are colleagues I work with now at Razzamataz. It’s just a lovely environment to be part of.”
  • Professional actor Ross Thompson is also the franchisee of Razzamataz Manchester South and former Razzamataz Carlisle student. He says: “I know the brand well and know what a friendly, supportive environment it is, so I was comfortable putting my name to it. I love the ethos and how community driven they are, which is very similar to my own values. Even when I was a student, I always thought that I would love to run my own theatre school but at that age, it just seemed like a pipe dream really. I knew that there would be a lot of challenges starting my own business, but after attending the Team Discovery Day in Pineapple Studios, Covent Garden, with the Razzamataz Head Office team, I discovered more about what it would take to run a school and met many Principals and heard their inspiring stories.”

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