Brands Dial Up Local Social Advertising Budgets Amid Economic Downturn
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Brands Dial Up Local Social Advertising Budgets Amid Economic Downturn

Brands Dial Up Local Social Advertising Budgets Amid Economic Downturn

Now, more than ever, franchisees need a helping hand getting customers in the door. When faced with a global economic downturn, it is vital that brands make decisions that support the health of every location, especially when budgets are tightened.

"One of the most effective ways to maximize advertising budgets is to refocus social advertising to the location level,” said Paul Elliott, CEO of Tiger Pistol, a collaborative advertising platform that connects the power of brands with the knowledge and credibility of their franchisees. “Not only does this approach provide greater control to manage budgets and creative messaging, but it also enables the platform algorithm to optimize to the actual location.”

While Meta recently noted decreased advertising budgets due to economic uncertainty in their Q2 Earnings call, Elliott said Tiger Pistol actually saw Q2 budgets increase, on average, by more than 35%. This demonstrates that many brands understand that local advertising not only enables them to reach deeper into communities but also rewards the brand and its franchisees with a lower cost of advertising by serving ads that are more relevant to their audiences.

Elliott notes that Tiger Pistol’s largest real estate franchise client increased their local media spend in Q2. The brand realized a double-digit lift in online engagement, while significantly decreasing its average cost per click, filling lead pipelines, and growing its customer base in a cost-effective, local-first manner.

Additionally, Elliott points to the 25% lift in Q2 ad spend by a national hair salon franchise brand. With localized promotional campaigns, the brand experienced a 50% lower cost per coupon redemption than its target KPI and an 80% lower cost per click than the industry average. The franchise also localized its recruitment campaigns through Tiger Pistol’s platform, resulting in a 70% decrease in cost per click when compared to the industry average for employment ads. Both campaigns realized a significant increase in click-through rates, to the tune of more than 60% higher than the industry average.

“These results aren’t surprising,” Elliott said. “Local campaigns help brands and their franchisees spend more efficiently while bolstering national campaigns with a local connection. That is why the national-to-local advertising model continues to accelerate despite the challenging economic climate. In fact, Tiger Pistol’s clients publish 700,000 campaigns annually, all with a local-first strategy that’s executed by leveraging the Tiger Pistol Collaborative Advertising Platform™.”

Elliott continues, “Not only does a national-to-local social strategy build credibility and intention with potential customers. It also supports building relationships between the brand and its franchisees. Think of it like 1+1=3. When brands and their franchisees collaborate in advertising, they realize results greater than either entity could achieve on their own.”

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Published: October 11th, 2022

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