Close More Deals With These 7 Franchise Sales Videos
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Close More Deals With These 7 Franchise Sales Videos

Close More Deals With These 7 Franchise Sales Videos

We’ve all seen poorly produced testimonial videos shot at conferences that make franchisees look more like hostages than brand heroes – the videos look forced and often make a negative brand impression.

This article will outline seven “must have” franchise sales videos and provide insight into producing and marketing more effective sales videos for your brand.

Top Of The Funnel

Brand Story Video:

Make the “About Us” section of your website come alive. The video needs to be emotional, authentic, and include back-story trials and tribulations. It must be about storytelling, not selling.

Prospects need to understand and believe in the brand promise before considering the franchise opportunity as a viable option.

CEO/Founder Profile Video:

Humanize the company and the brand story. Again, it needs to be an emotional story of personal struggles and risks and convey strong passion for the brand.

People buy from people. You need to make the Founder/CEO relatable and motivational.

Top 10 Questions Video:

Speed their journey down the sales funnel by answering key questions up-front. Create a video where different people within your organization answer the 10 most common questions asked by prospects.

Show the strength and depth of your staff and the relatable people behind the brand.

Middle Of The Funnel

Franchisee “Day in the life” Videos:

Create a profile video on each of the top 3-4 franchisee candidate personas. The video should be shot at the franchisee’s location versus the annual conference. The story needs to focus on their previous career path and personal struggles before becoming a franchisee.

“Do I see myself doing this?” It’s easier to see when a franchisee with a similar background is doing well and loving life.

Support Team Videos:

Feature actual support team members (Marketing – Training – Field Support – Real Estate – Financing) showcasing their knowledge and passion for helping franchisees.

Address the FUD that creeps in during the evaluation phase.

Bottom Of The Funnel

Us Versus The Competition Videos:

Create short hard-hitting videos comparing you to competitors. Include clips from franchisees who considered another other brand but decided to go with your brand and why.

Remove FUD and quit losing deals at the end of the funnel.

Personalized Thank You Videos:

Create a shell video with different staffers saying thanks for coming to a Discovery Day. Insert a personalized intro/close with the CEO or salesperson.

People like feeling special and appreciated. Egos like to be stroked. “They really want us in the family.”

My firm has produced dozens of videos for franchise brands. Here are a few tips:

  • Insist on high quality video and production
  • Create videos for specific audiences versus one size fits all
  • Stay close to 2 minutes 30 seconds – the length of a TV news story
  • Put some marketing muscle ($) behind videos

Given that video now accounts for >80% of all Internet traffic*, developing an effective video marketing program is critical to making your franchise sales numbers. (Source: SmallBizTrends)

David Chapman is the CEO of 919 Marketing Company, a national franchise marketing agency located in Raleigh North Carolina. To download a free franchise video marketing webinar with additional sales video ideas, go to Top Franchising Sales Videos. David can be reached at or 919-459-8156.

919 Marketing
919 Marketing Co. is a national content marketing, PR and social media agency serving franchise brands. Our proprietary social relations approach accelerates national brand interest, generates franchise sales leads, & drives customers to franchisees. Learn More

Published: January 15th, 2019

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