Franchise SEO - Is your Store Locator SEO Friendly?
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Franchise SEO - Is your Store Locator SEO Friendly?

Franchise SEO - Is your Store Locator SEO Friendly?

Franchise businesses have unique challenges and advantages when it comes to search engine optimization. One of the challenges is making sure you provide a good customer experience as you direct consumers to the nearest location.

For franchises and multi-location businesses, local SEO not only gets visitors in the door at physical locations but also directs more traffic to the website, contributing to the brand’s overall SEO score/ranking. Location finders, a searchable map of nearby locations, are a powerful tool in building local SEO presence and a major key to success for franchises.

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Franchise Location Finders

With an average of 53% of all traffic coming from organic search, more and more franchises are starting to recognize how important it is to show up in search engine results, both nationally and locally.

Depending on the business model, different forms of SEO are more effective than others. Local SEO, for example, is the best way to optimize your website for specific local areas, making it best suited for businesses with multiple locations. A local SEO strategy, however, involves much more than keywords, backlinks, and quality content.

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Why are location finders so important for franchises?

Location finders are a built-in website feature that allows customers to find real-world locations closest to them or in places they plan to visit. Though there are external tools today that have gained popularity e.g., Google Maps, there are certain functionalities such as online check-in or finding location-specific information that can only be done through your website.

Having an easy-to-use location finder on a franchise website guarantees a great customer experience and encourages users to opt for the website instead of Google Maps, which helps improve the website’s ranking on SERPs.

A good location finder considers UX design, searchability, pins & pop-ups, mobile-friendliness, content, and more. To learn more about local SEO and how to create a location finder that appeals to both users and search engines, read our Franchise Location Finder whitepaper.


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Published: May 17th, 2022

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