How to Control Your Brand Across All of Your Franchises
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How to Control Your Brand Across All of Your Franchises

How to Control Your Brand Across All of Your Franchises

While there are many challenges associated with franchise advertising, maintaining control of your brand across all locations is one of the most significant.

Slight variations in your brand's tone and style may send conflicting messages to customers and prospects. This means you could inadvertently lose touch with customers and endanger business continuity by not proactively protecting your brand.

Many franchisees think they need to “do their own thing” to connect with their customers effectively. However, brand consistency is important, and it is possible to advertise locally without compromising your company image.

What Is Brand Consistency, and Why Is It Important?

Brand consistency means delivering a consistent message across all touchpoints along the consumer journey, and that all your company messaging has a shared tone, no matter where it is displayed. It does not mean that each location's layout, floorplan, and décor must be identical, you can certainly customize the design of each franchise location, but social media posts, paid marketing content, and in-house digital signage should all convey the same values and follow the same design and style.

Exhibiting a high level of brand consistency positively impacts the customer experience, letting customers know that they will receive excellent service, no matter which location they choose. In addition, maintaining a high level of brand consistency has been shown to increase revenue by 23%.

Challenges of Franchise Advertising

When running a franchise, you will likely encounter several challenges that could cause you to lose control over your brand image. These include the following:

Lack of a Cohesive Plan: Start with a playbook that outlines your brand voice, tone, style, and values. 

Decentralized Control: Create a centralized management team to oversee the leaders in each of your franchises.

Opposing Personalities: You must select general managers who are a good cultural fit for your brand. If they share your values, beliefs, and concerns, they will be better equipped to help you maintain a consistent marketing voice. 

How Atmosphere TV Can Help

Crafting a detailed marketing strategy is integral to maintaining control of your brand image across all franchises. Any cohesive marketing strategy should leverage a variety of mediums, including social media content, paid ads, and digital signage.

Atmosphere TV can help you utilize digital signage to promote your franchise locations across the country while allowing for centralized control over the content and messaging. Contact us to schedule a free demo.

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Published: June 14th, 2022

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