How to Overcome the Top 5 Local SEO Challenges
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How to Overcome the Top 5 Local SEO Challenges

How to Overcome the Top 5 Local SEO Challenges

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For multi-location businesses and franchises, SEO is a lot more complicated than it is for the average brand. Franchisors must manage their brand nationally as well as work in conjunction with franchisees to grow their presence locally. This is a complicated and delicate process and includes many unique issues to franchising such as duplicate content, local SEO keywords, and insights that cannot be identified by normal SEO tools.

Let’s dive into how to tackle on-page SEO for multi-location businesses

Domain Name Matters

Google penalizes sites with duplicate content. And there’s a lot of duplicate content in the franchise world. The problem with most SEO tools is that they are not created to recognize franchise websites as separate from the master domain they typically reside under. For example, two franchise locations in Houston may have the following URLs:

Most SEO tools cannot analyze key SEO elements such as usability, security, indexing, content, and competitors for franchisees. To address this and other problems franchises face with their SEO, TruPresence has created a local marketing reporting tool built for franchises, that can monitor every franchisee website and analyze it against peer and competitive websites.

Near Me Marketing

Anyone in SEO knows the importance keywords play in rankings. However, this is more challenging in the world of franchise. Since franchisees operate locally, they will have to compete on the local level. This means that target keywords should include location-specific languages such as, “convenience store near me”, “gas station in San Francisco”, or “best Brentwood coffee shops”.

Geotargeting also incorporates external tools such as Google My Business to drive local traffic. Keeping local business schemas such as the address, coordinates, contact information, social links, reviews, and images of the location up to date is essential for franchisees. Additional schema can include amenities like free onsite parking or pet friendly that prospective customers may look for.

Geotargeting is beneficial for both the brand domain and franchisee because focusing on a specific area makes it easier to compete and rank higher. Keyword cannibalization is also less likely when using location-specific language that differentiates it from more general keywords the franchisor website may be targeting.

Franchise MarTech

Multi-location businesses need tech stacks that understand their unique challenges and opportunities. Most SEO tools are designed without franchises in mind, which means these tools cannot identify relevant competitors, local keywords, duplicate content, and more.

Since franchises often have hundreds, if not thousands of touches within their local digital footprints to manage, this requires tools that scale to meet the SEO capabilities that are designed for the intricacies of multi-location site models.

To learn more about the unique needs in franchise SEO, the solutions, and the best tools to rank higher on Google, download our full report here!


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Published: May 3rd, 2022

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