18 Tips To Help New Franchisors Succeed from the Start
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18 Tips To Help New Franchisors Succeed from the Start

18 Tips To Help New Franchisors Succeed from the Start

This is an exciting time! You've decided to franchise your business, have completed your FDD, and are ready to start selling franchises. But what's your next step? In my experience, the most common mistake new and emerging franchises make is forgetting to implement common marketing tactics.

First and foremost, shift your mindset. Realize that you're a franchisor now! At least 50 percent of your focus should revolve around the greater mission of your latest endeavor. This doesn't mean to focus 50 percent (or even 10 percent) less on your corporate locations. But it does mean that from here on out it will behoove you to consider the bigger picture with every decision you make. This article outlines best business practices and how to incorporate them into your daily routine, along with the daily routines of your employees and managers.

  1. Talk, talk, talk. Be proud to let everyone know you're a franchisor. Your clients or customers already know you're a success, and they're the perfect candidates for your franchise. Or they may know someone who would be a perfect fit. You need to be your biggest brand advocate!
  2. Your new introduction. When meeting new people or introducing yourself in front of an audience, be sure to say: "I am the founder of XYZ Company - and we're also a franchise." It doesn't matter who you're talking to or what event you're attending. Whether it's at a fancy dinner party, local seminar, neighborhood BBQ, or even the supermarket, confidence and a strong introduction are key.
  3. Your online presence. Update your title! Not only are you a founder or CEO, you're also a franchisor. Edit your social media accounts to showcase this. It's an incredible distinction and a status you worked hard to achieve. Distinguish yourself with your job title and recognize your contributions in the description of the company.
  4. Incentivize employees. Offer an incentive to your employees and managers to let everyone know you now offer franchises.
  5. Brand your marketing materials. By now you should be familiar with budgeting for business expenses (creating brochures, flyers, napkins, shopping bags, business cards, letterheads, signs, etc.). Do not send another job to the printer without adding "Want to open your own XYZ Company? Call 888-555-5555 to learn more about our franchising program!"
  6. Your website. If it takes more than 5 seconds to find the franchising promo on your website... change it. Be proud of the work you're doing. Add a banner right up top. It's a surefire way to impress the current and future clients of your corporate locations.
  7. Blog. Add a promo to every blog post. If you're using WordPress, you can download a plug-in that allows you to place a banner at the bottom of each page. Integrate messaging that reads: "Want to open your own XYZ Company? Click here to learn more about our franchising program!" (Or something along those lines.) Link it to your franchise recruitment website to create a seamless user experience.
  8. Blog posts. Outsourcing text is a practical way to procure helpful and professional content. Communicate with the writer to ensure that 1 of every 5 or 10 posts is about your franchise and personal experience. Use this platform to tell your story: Why did you choose to franchise? How did you become involved in the industry? In your opinion, who is the perfect franchisee? Why should someone buy your franchise? And remember, always include the link to your franchise recruitment website. This will enhance the user experience and create a natural next step for the reader.
  9. New blog posts or press. Always acknowledge that you are a franchise! Don't forget to insert the link to your franchise recruitment website in everything you publish.
  10. Social media. Social media is another marketing technique that is frequently outsourced. The key to successfully developing these platforms is to regularly provide helpful and engaging content. Implore whoever is producing your social media to make 1 out of every 5 or 10 posts about your franchise, but in a variety of mediums (e.g., videos, plain text, memes, and photographs). Keep it creative, but consistent, nonetheless. Make sure the link to your franchise recruitment website is readily available. A good place to provide it is in your bio.
  11. Your own social media. Use your personal social media accounts to announce that you are now a franchise. This is something to be proud of. It's okay to brag a little. If you're more reserved, ask a friend to post on your behalf. An authentic tag in a heartfelt "Congratulations" status on Facebook often garners the best results. A LinkedIn announcement that you're now franchising will also help spread the word.
  12. Email newsletter. It's important to remember that your existing clients/customers are usually the best candidates for your franchise. Add a banner to every email that reads: "Want to open your own XYZ Company? Click here or call 888-555-5555 to learn more about our franchising program!" Incorporate the link into your franchise recruitment website wherever you see fit.
  13. Dedicated emails. Send an email announcement in your newsletter. If you don't already have one, start one! Tell your story and explain how excited you are about franchising. Continue these with a series of emails (no more than one per month) about the ongoing success of your franchise system.
  14. Your email signature. At the bottom of your email signature add a fun image and a statement that reads: "Want to open your own XYZ Company? Click here to learn more about our franchising program!" Always include the link to your franchise recruitment website. For every email you send, at least one new person now knows you're a franchise!
  15. Snail mail. Do you mail postcards to clients? You should! Add language along the lines of: "Want to open your own XYZ Company? Call 888-555-5555 to learn more about our franchising program!" Consider sending a postcard with the details of the franchise offering.
  16. Have an event. Organize a local event to promote your franchise system. Make it casual, educational, and exciting! The people who attend are now hot leads for you to pursue.
  17. Find a target. If you have a client you think would be a perfect franchisee, don't be afraid to spark a conversation. Another approach would be to have an employee open the dialogue. Either way, you've managed to create a discussion about your franchise!
  18. Local marketing. Are you doing any ongoing local marketing? Perhaps a weekly or monthly ad or billboard? Add the franchise language to it! And always include your contact information to ensure you're the one who gets the call.

 Don Daszkowski is the founder of the International Franchise Professionals Group. IFPG is a membership-based organization of franchisors, franchise consultants/brokers, and other franchise professionals who help potential candidates in the process of buying a franchise. Contact him at 888-977-4374 x106.

Published: February 5th, 2019

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