3 Digital Campaign Solutions for Franchise Development
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3 Digital Campaign Solutions for Franchise Development

3 Digital Campaign Solutions for Franchise Development

No matter where a prospective franchisee is in the franchise development process, highly specific targeting capabilities make digital campaigns powerful tools for franchise development. Brands with strategic and skilled marketers can use these campaigns to target specific audiences with relevant messaging on their favorite websites and social media platforms.

To master the art of development through digital campaigns, franchises must learn to use three types of digital ads: search, remarketing, and display.

1) Search

Clearly, franchisors seeking new franchisees must adopt an entirely different mindset from when they are targeting consumers: the people they are targeting are looking for entirely different things. However, while the approach might be different, the tools -- in this case, paid search ads -- are the same. Google ads show at the top of any relevant search, so to grab the attention of prospects quickly, you must buy keywords.

Begin by building a list of mid-funnel and bottom-funnel keywords for opportunity seekers specifically interested in your industry or in franchising. Top-of-funnel keywords are very expensive and purchased by franchise portals and brokers who represent many different franchise brands. Purchasing keywords specific to your brand is more cost-effective and produces a better ROI. Remember, most prospects do plenty of research before they contact you. By purchasing the right keyword search terms, you can make yourself as easy as possible to find online.

2) Remarketing

Remarketing nurtures warm leads down the sales funnel. When prospective franchisees visit your website, capture their information so you can target them with remarketing ads. With this technique, you can keep your brand top-of-mind for months as your prospects visit local news sites and scroll through social media.

Remarketing works roughly the same way for most types of businesses. Franchisors focusing on franchise development, though, should consider how their ad content moves warm leads down the funnel toward a full lifestyle change, rather than toward a transactional purchase, the type of conversion usually tracked in consumer marketing.

To win new franchisees, consider the content of your remarketing ads carefully. The most important thing is to display your brand prominently on very specific websites and platforms. These leads visited your website, which means they already have some interest. Nurture that interest by showcasing positive segments of the franchisee lifestyle, while advertising your brand as the best place to experience it for themselves.

3) Display

Display ads appear on Facebook or through the GoogleAdNetwork. Use these ads to retarget users who have searched for your keywords by displaying them on the sites that users visit and to keep their interest levels high.

Beyond retargeting, you can use display ads based on demographics and interests through "lookalike" audiences. Google and Facebook both offer lookalike targeting, which delivers ads to users who have similar interests and activity to the people searching for your keywords. This expands the top of your funnel without requiring you to waste money on uninterested audiences.

Franchisors benefit most from display ads by using them to raise awareness. Keep your brand prominent to attract the attention of people just beginning to consider the franchise lifestyle -- or to introduce the idea to candidates who might not have considered the option.

Brands can achieve high levels of franchise development growth by developing their digital presence. By leveraging these three types of digital campaigns effectively, you can help your brand discover new audiences and earn more attention from people interested in the franchise lifestyle.

 Lora Kellogg is president and CEO of Curious Jane, an ad agency specializing in franchises. With nearly 15 years of experience and a portfolio of top brands, she and her team work with established and emerging franchises to grow sales, increase traffic, build brand awareness, and generate leads.

Published: October 15th, 2018

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