5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Social Media Posts
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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Social Media Posts

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Social Media Posts

Today, social media marketing is a vital part of running a successful business and staying competitive. With so many popular forms of social media available, there is no shortage of ways for a franchise to engage with its customers. While franchises are placed under stricter marketing guidelines than other small businesses, there are still ways to use social media to increase profits while forming and maintaining beneficial relationships with customers.

1) Mix up the content

The most important thing to keep in mind when approaching franchise social media is to provide followers with fresh, interesting content on a daily basis. With so many popular social platforms and the numerous post options offered on each, there are hundreds of choices when it comes to posting. Social media marketing efforts are only a valuable use of the franchise’s time if posts are gaining attention and interaction from followers, driving traffic to the website, and converting visitors into leads and customers. By offering a variety of posts on a number of platforms, franchised businesses can keep their followers engaged and create brand loyalists.

Here are a few examples of unique posts to keep followers engaged:

  • Use Twitter to run a contest in which followers have the chance to win a product or service offered by the franchise.
  • Use Snapchat stories to share exclusive behind-the-scenes content from inside the franchise or feature an employee; keep the content humorous and light.
  • Use Facebook as a platform that offers followers exclusive access to sales and specials.
  • Use Instagram to showcase the visual aspects of the business – the Boomerang app can be used to craft eye-catching mini-movies.

2) Add value

Social media followers don’t want to be presented with a slew of sales messages. They follow accounts to be entertained, informed, and to stay up to date with a business’s offerings. Followers can, and will, get turned off by constant posts hard selling. Your social media content should be solution based – don’t simply tell your followers to buy your product or service. Instead, share how the product or service can make the follower’s life easier or their day more enjoyable. Share content that humanizes your brand, showcasing the people behind it. If the social media account is specific to a single geographical area, posts that feature local points of interest will make followers feel a more personal connection to the franchise and add value to the subject of the posts. 

3) Keep up with the times

A great way to keep a franchise competitive within its market is by showing that the business is modern and in step with the times. Social media platforms are constantly releasing new features franchisees can implement into their regular posting schedules. For example, Facebook launched Live 360, which allows users to livestream on Facebook Live in 360 degrees. Making your brand and franchise known through these new features gives you an edge in your market and lets you connect with your customer base on new levels.

4) Show personality

Social media allows franchisees to connect with customers on a personal level and can serve as the perfect platform to humanize and add personality to the business. Ideally, franchise brands – and businesses in general – should have a unified strategy and voice/persona when creating social media posts. Whether this voice is light-hearted or more serious doesn’t matter, as long as it matches your brand and is consistent. Having this unified persona across all franchise locations will help followers connect to the brand and not feel discombobulated as your posts show up in their feeds. The more human the language and content of a post is, the more comfortable a follower feels engaging with the franchise, both over social media and in person.

5) Keep guidelines in mind

In following these social media tips, it’s important to keep all corporate guidelines and requirements in mind. Following the company’s brand guidelines will assist in creating a social media presence that is uniform and reflects a single message on behalf of the larger corporation. Implementing these tips into a franchise’s social media activity will be sure to keep followers engaged and active and the franchise competitive in its markets.

Alexis Krisay is a partner and the vice president of marketing for Serendipit Consulting, an Arizona-based full-service creative agency that takes a boutique approach to public relations, marketing, branding, and event planning. Known for her out-of-the-box thinking and fresh ideas, she has helped dozens of clients in the residential and commercial real estate, lifestyle, spa and wellness, and health and fitness industries effectively identify market opportunities and pair them with strategic, results-driven marketing solutions. She can be reached at alexis@serendipitconsulting.com or 602-833-2744.

Published: October 23rd, 2017

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