Digital Marketing: 14 Experts Predict 2014
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Digital Marketing: 14 Experts Predict 2014 asked 14 digital marketing experts to share their predictions for the coming year. You can read their full responses online in a report called "14 on '14." As the introduction notes:

"With every passing year, digital marketers find themselves 1) armed with more tools to reach their target markets than ever before and 2) with more channels to try to manage all at once while attempting to reach those target audiences. ... If there is one common thread in the responses we got from our industry experts for this document, it is that while the means by which advertisers can reach people have expanded, the challenges inherent in making use of each of the channels available to marketers is expanding exponentially."

Below are some excerpts from the experts. Nothing startling to be sure, but every little bit helps in sorting out your digital marketing strategy for the coming year. You can find the full report on acquisio's website.

Social PPC
"Social PPC (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) is going to grow dramatically in 2014. We're seeing social PPC take a bigger and bigger role in client marketing strategy, and that trend is accelerating into 2014."
Melissa Mackey
Search Supervisor, gyro

Display ads
"I think the Big Story of 2014 will be display advertising ... is long overdue for a renaissance, and the market opportunity for advertisers is immense - easily dwarfing the potential of search marketing."
Matt Van Wagner
President, Find Me Faster

Content marketing
"If content is king, then his castle is mobile. The most important thing for marketers to keep in mind this year is the exponential growth of the use of mobile devices."
Marc Levesque
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Webrunner Media Group

"The average cost-per-click for mobile searches is around a third less than desktop searches. In 2014, this anomaly will start to correct itself as more marketers wise up to the value of mobile - the gap will narrow or pull even - because mobile clicks and calls are worth more."
Larry Kim
Founder & CTO, WordStream

Content + metrics
"Those who tell a great story will keep winning our hearts with content and those who've mastered their metrics will look to Conversion Rate Optimization to win more of our data and dollars. This will be the year for the best of both worlds to cross-pollinate over better analytics to forge more meaningful connections between online activity and real-world experiences."
Liesl Barrell
Senior Business Development Manager, Unbounce

"2014 will mark the year that digital marketing and customer experience product management truly collaborate. ... I expect those in marketing will wear their product management hat (and vice versa), finding ways to improve conversion rates and customize user experience as a team (especially top-of-funnel "landing page" experiences). Executing and driving maximum yield will require values-driven business professionals who are true non-territorial collaborators."
Ian Lopuch

Published: January 14th, 2014

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