Mosquito Joe's Marketing Director Details 2016 Marketing Plans
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Mosquito Joe's Marketing Director Details 2016 Marketing Plans

Mosquito Joe's Marketing Director Details 2016 Marketing Plans

We asked Angela Zerda, director of marketing at Mosquito Joe, what changes she's planning in her marketing strategies and tactics for 2016. Here's what she had to say.

The marketing landscape, particularly in the digital space, is constantly evolving. To be a leader in our industry we must always be looking out for new opportunities. As we plan for 2016 I expect a continued increase in digital marketing spend, as well as a focus on tying those campaigns to our off-line campaigns for greatest impact. For example, if we're using direct mail in an area, we're serving up banner ads to that same area. Frequency remains vital in marketing, and with new technologies we have additional opportunities for touch points throughout the day.

Pay-per-click advertising used to be synonymous with Google AdWords, but new options exist for highly targeted campaigns across social platforms where potential customers are spending hours daily. We plan to expand our presence in some of these areas where we can better target both geographically and demographically. Facebook has some great options for building custom audiences that we will incorporate in our planning, and LinkedIn has released new display network options as well.

Like many brands, we have a good foothold with a mobile-friendly website and we will continue to explore the mobile space in 2016. We must keep mobile top of mind when designing emails and determining customer communication preferences, as well as consumer preferences for receiving marketing messages.

Content marketing is imperative for lead generation but will require more time and resources moving forward. Developing content that catches the interest of our audience means more blogging, infographics, videos, and visual graphics. In 2016 we will drive customer-centric marketing, leveraging our existing base of happy customers to help tell our story and develop marketing messages. No one can sell our service better than our customers, as consumers look to one another for advice on purchase decisions. Social listening, online reviews, and regular surveying keep us tied in to what our customers think so we can ensure relevant marketing messages based on that feedback.

Finally, tracking should be an essential priority for any brand. That is a key initiative for all Mosquito Joe campaigns in 2016. Tracking phone numbers, landing pages, and Google Analytics are great tools to help us recognize our return on investment and what's working most effectively. In a constantly changing marketing environment we must always be testing new things, but without the right tracking and measurement in place, we lose our ability to learn from these opportunities.

Published: February 9th, 2016

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