Social Media Roundup: Aug 11, 2015
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Social Media Roundup: Aug 11, 2015

Social Media Roundup: Aug 11, 2015

Social Sharing: 6 Types of "Sharers" - Why They Do It

Sharing something in a social network works like "the wave" in a sports stadium, says Brian Kramer, author of a new book about social sharing: Shareology: How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy. Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, interviewed Kramer for his blog, which includes a podcast of the conversation. "For the book Bryan did more than 250 interviews with executives, marketers and social media people, as well as professors of linguistic," writes Stelzner. "The answer came down to one thing: connection." The book identifies six types of social sharers, each with their own motivations: the altruist, the careerist, the hipster, the selective, the boomerang, and the connector. For more insights into the finer points of social sharing - and what you can learn about engaging your target customers - give a listen to the podcast.

Use Hashtags To Build Your Business - 3 Tips

Hashtags are a simple way of categorizing social media content. For instance, the spectacular Pluto flyby in mid-July was followed around the world with the hashtag #NewHorizons. You can also create and use your own hashtags for use by your community of fans and followers. Lauren Dugan, a marketing strategist writing on SocialTimes, offers 3 creative ways to use hashtags to promote your business:

  • User-generated content: Create a hashtag for your fans to use when they Tweet about your brand.
  • Cross-channel campaign: Use your hashtags across multiple channels; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many others support hashtags now.
  • Real-time conversations: Create a dedicated hashtag for customers to ask you questions or weigh in with comments.

Amazon's Prime Day Sale - Fail or No Fail?

Speaking of hashtags, Amazon's Prime Day sale on July 15 generated the disparaging #PrimeDayFail hashtag, which was used to grouse about the perceived poor selection and sold-out items. However, Amazon sold more items that day than it did on Black Friday in 2014. The online behemoth claims that hundreds of thousands of new customers signed up for its $99 annual Prime membership, and it's already planning to repeat the mega-promotion. In her blog on Marketing Land, Ginny Marvin, media reporter for Third Door Media, writes: "ChannelAdvisor noted that other marketplaces such as BestBuy, Sears, and NewEgg saw a lift from Amazon Prime Day. Best Buy SSS rose 200 percent year-over-year; Sears was up 88 percent; and NewEgg saw an increase of 40 percent compared to the same day last year. Consumer electronics drove activity for those marketplaces strong in that category. In contrast, ChannelAdvisor says, eBay saw no lift from Prime Day, and their growth rate was in line with other days in June and July." (Any thoughts about how you might adapt this scheme for your brand?)

You May Be a Social Media Geek If... 54 Warning Signs

In a tongue-in-cheek, yet heartfelt cautionary blog to his fellow social media professionals, Jason Keath, CEO and founder of Social Fresh, identifies "54 Clear Warning Signs That You Work in Social Media." Writes Keath, "Every year or so, we write about this because we know it can help so many of you as well. Please put down the smart phone, tablet, and Nike Fuel Band. We need to confront this... The first step is to admit there is a problem."

Here are four of the early warning signs from the list. To see the other 50, check out his blog. He's not from the government, and he's here to help (with a little help from his online friends, of course):

  • "You'd be in trouble at work for NOT having Facebook open."
  • "You can't explain to your parents what you do."
  • "You introduce yourself not with your actual name, but your Twitter handle."
  • "Your dog, office plant, and future child all have their own Twitter accounts."

Daniel Lieberman is the founder of Daniel Lieberman Digital ("I speak Geek - You don't need to"). Based in Shelburne Falls, Mass., he helps companies, organizations, and individuals learn to use the Internet to communicate, market, and brand themselves using the most up-to-date tools and techniques. Contact him at 413-489-1818 or

Published: August 10th, 2015

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