Social Media Roundup: June 9, 2015
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Social Media Roundup: June 9, 2015

Social Media Roundup: June 9, 2015

Still Confused About Hashtags?

People use hashtags almost everywhere in social media today, but many are still confused about what they mean and how to use them effectively. Basically, hashtags serve as a way to index the subject of a post or a tweet. (Hashtags started on Twitter.) The most important things to know are: 1) tweets with hashtags average twice the engagement on Twitter, 2) too many hashtags decrease engagement (except on Instagram), and 3) Facebook users still don't like hashtags (and don't like or share posts with them). This infographic has much more to enlighten you about the ubiquitous hashtag, and why you should be using it. "This infographic from Ghergich & Co. and SurePayroll offers a basic primer for hashtag use for those new to the social media space or still confused by the intended uses of that weird pound symbol in front of all those words," wrote Alan Rapp on spiral16.

Google's Mobile Algorithm Change: Big Meh for SEO

Google made a major change to its algorithm on April 21 in favor of mobile-friendly websites. The announcement of the upcoming revision a few months back got plenty of attention, both from SEO professionals and from the tech and mainstream media - and sent yet another new ripple of uncertainty through the online marketing community. While apocalyptic upsets in established website rankings were forecast, the predicted "mobilegeddon" has come and gone... and the earth still revolves around the sun. While some sites have seen drops in their search ranking, the widespread disruption that was widely predicted just hasn't happened. (Can you say Y2K?) "I have direct access to several sites that are extremely mobile-unfriendly to the point of being mobile-nasty! And yet... I can barely discern a difference," writes Mark Munroe on Marketing Land. Is Google taking advantage of the fear its algorithm updates creates to encourage more mobile-friendly websites without actually bothering to punish laggards?

Welcome Back Twitter: Tweets Return to Google Search

Twitter and Google have been estranged since 2011, when the deal they struck in 2009 lapsed, apparently because Twitter wanted to keep tighter control over its content. Now Twitter content will be featured prominently in Google search results again. The deal benefits both. For Twitter, it represents a new way for people not logged into the service to see its content. And for Google, it provides real-time access to tweets and the enormous amount of content that flows through Twitter. "When tapping on a tweet in Google search, you'll be taken directly to Twitter where you can view the tweet and discover additional content," wrote Jana Messerschmidt, vice president of global business development and platform at Twitter, in a blog post.

Content Marketing: Befriending Influential Bloggers

In the age of content marketing, bloggers who write about your business's products and services effectively - and engagingly - can be invaluable. Getting influential bloggers to write nice things about you is a surefire way to build your brand, but it takes work to develop the relationships you need to make it happen. There are no shortcuts to success in the blogosphere; these are business relationships and have to be approached with sincerity, honesty, and intelligence. Jeff Foster, writing on ProBlogger, provides 7 tips to build your brand in the blogosphere.

Daniel Lieberman is the founder of Daniel Lieberman Digital ("I speak Geek - You don't need to"). Based in Shelburne Falls, Mass., he helps companies, organizations, and individuals learn to use the Internet to communicate, market, and brand themselves using the most up-to-date tools and techniques. Contact him at 413-489-1818 or

Published: June 8th, 2015

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