Social Media Roundup: November 24, 2015
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Social Media Roundup: November 24, 2015

Social Media Roundup: November 24, 2015

Pinterest Makes Moves To Boost Digital Advertising Presence

Pinterest has launched a new visual search tool that uses photos "to comb through millions of product images," according to an Adweek report. Earlier this month, a blog on Pinterest announcing the tool, said, "When you spot something in a Pin that you want to learn more about, tap the search tool in the corner. Then select the part of the Pin you're interested in, and we'll show you Pins just like it. You can even filter your visual search results by topic so you find exactly what you're looking for." Retailers of all stripes could benefit from this new capability.

Facebook Wants To Be Your Mobile News Source, Too

Facebook's "Instant Articles" feature serves up stories from its news media partners such as Time, National Geographic, and USA Today. The service will publish 1,000 articles a day from traditional media sources as well as from web-only content partners. Facebook says its Instant Articles, which appear in users' news feeds, will open 10 times as quickly as conventional links to websites. Facebook expects to improve its ad revenue as a result of the new content. Partners will keep revenue from their own ads. "The more people use Facebook's app, the more ads the company can show, which ultimately means more money for the company. Facebook is the second-largest Internet destination for advertising dollars, pulling in more than 18 percent of the ad dollars spent online last year, according to industry research firm eMarketer. By 2017, that number is expected to climb to more than 20 percent," wrote Ian Sherr and Connie Guglielmo in an article on CNET.

8 Tips to Secure Your Social Media Accounts from Hackers

Make sure your social media accounts are secure. Your business can't afford the damage to your reputation that may result from a breach by malicious hackers. Few businesses (or individuals) take security seriously enough: they routinely depend on insecure passwords and make the situation worse by re-using them across multiple accounts. There are relatively easy fixes for the most common security vulnerabilities. Kim Garst, writing on Boom Social, recommends these 8 tips for a more secure digital life.

The Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adwords

Google Adwords users in popular niches soon learn that the top spots in search engine results can be fiercely competitive, and that bids have to be high to occupy them. Here's an infographic from Social Media Revolver showing today's top 10 and top 100 most expensive keywords on Google Adwords. Of the top 10 most expensive, nine are for attorneys specializing in auto accidents, personal injury, and criminal defense ($670.44 for "San Antonio car wreck attorney" was the most expensive). Nearly all of the top 100 are for similar services, plus alcohol or drug abuse services. The good news for franchisors marketing their goods and services is that they'll get away with much lower bids for the keywords they need to target.

Remembering the Promise of Social Media To Change Lives

There was a time, not that very long ago, when social media promised a better world instead of new channels for blatant commercialism, intrusive information-gathering, vulgar celebrity culture, and hyper-consumerism. Still, most of us have experienced the joy of reconnecting with old friends or making new ones because of the power of these networks. Here are three truly inspiring stories about people making connections that would have been impossible without social media: a woman who found her identical twin on YouTube; how a filmmaker used Facebook to let the world know about a young boy's artistic creation; and how a woman abandoned as a baby used Facebook to find her mother. "There are incredible real life stories that prove social media really can make wonderful things possible. What's more, these connections might never have happened at all if it weren't for social media - proving that social media really can make the world a better place and change lives for the better," writes João Romão, CEO at, on his blog.

Daniel Lieberman is the founder of Daniel Lieberman Digital ("I speak Geek - You don't need to"). Based in Shelburne Falls, Mass., he helps companies, organizations, and individuals learn to use the Internet to communicate, market, and brand themselves using the most up-to-date tools and techniques. Contact him at 413-489-1818 or

Published: November 23rd, 2015

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