Stratus Building Solutions Provides Franchisees Resources for Success
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Stratus Building Solutions Provides Franchisees Resources for Success

Stratus Building Solutions Provides Franchisees Resources for Success

There is often a direct correlation between the success of a franchise owner and the support they receive from the franchisor. Whether it is with initial training, mentorship, or robust marketing and advertising programs, a franchisor can play a major role in the eventual outcome of individual owners throughout the system.

Stratus Building Solutions has a comprehensive plan to provide resources and support for its franchisees, whether they are new to the system or are looking to evolve through developments in AI and technology. Stratus VP of Marketing Mike Millett discusses how the brand supports its franchisees with training, lead generation, and marketing while establishing a strong company culture.

What is an example of a marketing effort you have applied to your brand that has helped existing franchise owners?

Millett: When I first arrived at Stratus I made an immediate evaluation of all our marketing efforts. There were some issues with the website, keywords, and messaging and I was able to make some quick adjustments that increased our lead generation to drive sales for our franchisees. I have also been involving the franchise owners in giving marketing feedback on our messaging and tactics and that has led to better buy-in and participation across the brand.

How does Stratus support franchise owners, especially franchisees with no prior experience in the industry?

Millett: We provide comprehensive brand standards in training and support, from signing to grand opening and beyond, ensuring even those without industry experience thrive under our guidance. We leverage our field team expertise, vendor relationships, and brand standards processes to help them excel in this new industry. One unique facet of our franchisee culture is that the legacy franchisees really mentor the new franchisees to ensure their success. Our franchisees understand that we are all in this together and want to help the newest ones be successful.

How does Stratus keep up-to-date with industry trends and innovations?

Millett: We lead innovation with a robust tech stack and continuous learning through conferences and training, ensuring we set industry standards. Stratus has a culture of ongoing learning and personal growth.

Why do you think Stratus stands out as a franchise opportunity? 

Millett: Presenting the Stratus Master Franchise opportunity to a prospective franchise owner can be tricky. A commercial cleaning company isn’t something anyone dreams of owning. Most entrepreneurs are looking for something flashy like the latest hot chicken franchise, or a tasty cookie company. So, presenting Stratus requires a little patience. Our model's recurring revenue streams, diverse income sources, flexible schedule, and support structure resonate once prospects understand they won't be doing any of the cleaning. Training and support - yes. Scrubbing toilets at midnight - nope.

At the end of the day, it is all about legacy for our master franchisees. This franchise system allows the owner to not only build something for future generations, but the impact on the local communities we service is lasting. We help people go into business for themselves and work diligently to ensure growth. A common statement our existing franchisees say is, “I wish I had started with Stratus Building Solutions sooner.”

How does Stratus support franchisees with marketing resources to ensure consistency and effectiveness across locations?

Millett: Consistency is crucial in franchising, and maintaining it is an ongoing effort. Our approach involves providing franchisees with access to a range of marketing resources, including radio commercials, direct mail pieces, videos, social post templates, and conversion data from third-party lead generation efforts. This ensures unified messaging and effectiveness across the entire system. We regularly monitor our own digital footprint to ensure that third-party lead generation companies or others are not re-directing or diverting traffic.

Are there any emerging trends in marketing that Stratus is exploring?

Millett: One of the biggest trends now is how AI may impact marketing efforts. We have all seen an initial impact in the latest Google update that devalued blog posts. The future of AI is uncertain in marketing, but our marketing partners and team are on the cutting edge so we can pivot quickly as this continues to evolve.

What are some of the biggest challenges unique to your franchise?

Millett: Selling our value in a low barrier entry market is a key challenge. It’s not hard to enter the commercial cleaning space (anyone with a vacuum, mop, and bucket can do it), but providing the customer with what they need (trained teams, reliable service, insured franchisees, quick response to any issues) is what Stratus Building Solutions provides. Our customer is value conscious and finding those customers can be more challenging.

How does Stratus foster community among franchisees?

Millett: At Stratus, community and collaboration are fundamental to our success. Monthly meetings among franchisees, grouped by revenue tiers, promote knowledge sharing and peer support, enriching our franchisee community. These calls foster a collaborative environment where franchisees learn from each other's experiences and successes. Our year culminates with our Annual Meeting where we all get together and celebrate success and chart the path for the future.

What are you most proud of in your work with Stratus?

Millett: Serving our 76 master franchisees and 4,000+ unit franchisees is a source of pride for me. By offering best-in-class training and support, we cultivate a culture of growth that translates into profitable and thriving businesses. Our responsiveness to customer feedback maintains the superior service synonymous with the Stratus brand, fostering loyalty among both franchisees and customers.

What are your plans for growth?

Millett: We have a growth mindset at Stratus and, while we still have “white space” in the United States and Canada, our international expansion is underway. We are adding additional team members and investing in new technology to increase the service and support for our franchisees. Stratus is thriving but not at the expense of quality. We prioritize service excellence over rapid expansion, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term success.

Published: July 9th, 2024

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