Sharing Wins: Bragging Or Not?
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Sharing Wins: Bragging Or Not?

Sharing Wins: Bragging Or Not?

‘WOW’ was the tagline in the first email I opened this morning. Our VP of Business Development sent a company-wide message to announce that a franchise customer had signed a big franchisee deal – 100 stores with an option for another 50 – and that the franchisee lead had come from an ad placed in Franchise Update Media’s Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine.

Our VP’s enthusiasm was infectious, and a flurry of congratulatory emails followed. It was motivating for me to start my day with news of my colleague’s success. I felt proud of the work our team is doing, and it was a good reminder that hard work generates products that serve our customers.

In an ideal world, everyone’s corporate culture is a supportive place. But if you find yourself in a work environment that isn’t as encouraging as you might like, you may consider taking the initiative by periodically asking co-workers how things are going. If they have good news, let them know you’re impressed and excited for them. If things could be better, listen with empathy, offer words of encouragement, and perhaps follow up by checking in again later.

It seems to me that companies are wise to encourage this type of discourse among employees on a regular basis – not only in meetings, where tasks are routinely ticked off of to-do lists, but in less formal settings such as the hallway or break room. People tend to be motivated by praise for their achievements as well as empathy for their struggles – and far from being a selfish indulgence, taking the time to savor wins is healthy for individuals and for businesses. It’s important not to get so mired in the charge to get things done that we forget to take a moment to celebrate things done well.

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