BalanceDiet™ Company Implements Exclusive Genetic Fat Test to Develop Customized Diet and Exercise Program for Each Client
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BalanceDiet™ Company Implements Exclusive Genetic Fat Test to Develop Customized Diet and Exercise Program for Each Client

Weight Management Genetic Test Enables BalanceDiet™ to Individualize Targeted Lifestyle Plans Based on Clients' DNA

TAMPA, Fla., May 14, 2012 // PRNewswire // -- BalanceDiet™ Company is pleased to announce that its clients can now take advantage of an exclusive genetic fat test to obtain personalized diet and fitness recommendations as part of their complete lifestyle program. The weight management genetic test was a key component of the services offered by Results Weight Loss, which BalanceDiet recently acquired, and the company has subsequently introduced the genetic fat test at all of its BalanceDiet Centers nationwide as well as through its BalanceDiet At Home program.

Interleukin Genetics developed the genetic test panel used within the BalanceDiet program. Researchers pinpointed certain genes - specifically, several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) - that influence an individual's genetic tendencies related to metabolism, fat absorption and storage, and responsiveness to various exercise intensities(1).

The science behind the genetic fat test is supported by a clinical study conducted by Interleukin Genetics and Stanford University. This study examined weight loss for women who were on a diet that was consistent with their genotype category versus another group who were on diets not suitable for their genetic pattern. The findings revealed that subjects on a genotype-appropriate diet had 2.5 times greater weight loss than the other study subjects - losing an average of 13.2 pounds and 2.6 inches versus an average of only 4.6 pounds and 1.2 inches for those on a genotype-inappropriate diet(2).

"Genetic fat testing is an important addition to BalanceDiet's portfolio of services, and the former Results clients who have joined our family are living proof that genotype-based diet and fitness plans really do work. Our existing BalanceDiet customers have expressed great enthusiasm and interest in the weight management genetic test, and we are excited to implement it as part of our lifestyle program," said Pam Powderly, RD, LD/N, Corporate Dietician for BalanceDiet.

Powderly noted that the results of the test will be used to tailor diet and wellness programs that are designed to maximize clients' weight loss and exercise benefits. "The genetic test determines the client's diet and exercise identity, which shows whether they are a 'carb reducer,' a 'fat trimmer,' or a 'better balancer,'" she explained. "With this information, we can then personalize the client's weight loss and exercise program based on their genetic profile to set them up for the greatest possible success with their unique plan."

For many clients, the genetic fat test has been a critical first step to achieving their transformation goals and a vital part of their weight-loss success stories. Tampa resident Karen M. recently retired from the Air Force and sought to lose the weight that had crept up on her during her time in the service. After following a weight loss plan customized for her genotype, she lost more than 25 pounds in five months. "[The program] provided me with the knowledge, means, and motivation to lose [the weight] and return me to the size 6 I was 20 years ago," she stated. "Becoming healthier literally every day is phenomenal and incredibly motivating."

Existing and new clients may register for the weight management genetic test at any of the BalanceDiet Centers nationwide or via BalanceDiet At Home (1-800-WEIGHT-LOSS). The test costs $179 and consists of a simple, painless cheek swab sample. The price also includes a follow-up consultation with a BalanceDiet lifestyle expert.

View the Bay News 9 BalanceDiet "Fighting Fat" video for more details. Learn about BalanceDiet - including locations, services, products, and BalanceDiet franchise opportunities - at

About BalanceDiet™ | elements fitness™

BalanceDiet™ is part of the elements™ family of healthy lifestyle brands, including award-winning fitness, weight-loss, media, and product companies. Founded by wellness visionary Christopher Palumbo, BalanceDiet holds a unique place in the women's diet and fitness market with exclusive genetic-testing technology, patents on proprietary weight-loss products and supplements, a stylish, upscale wellness experience, and an array of online tools and services. Before launching elements and BalanceDiet, Palumbo earned recognition for his work with World Gym™, where he created a concept store that now serves as the model for the company's fitness centers worldwide. Today, BalanceDiet is a popular and fast-growing wellness brand with more than 30 locations throughout the United States in addition to the BalanceDiet At Home service offered direct to consumers. The company is expanding internationally and expects to have 40 ground-based operations by year-end, with additional franchise opportunities available. For more information on BalanceDiet, please visit

(1) Interleukin Genetics/Inherent Health. "The Science Behind the Weight Management Genetic Test."

(2) Interleukin Genetics/Inherent Health. "Scientific Validation of the Weight Management Genetic Test."

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