Honesty and Integrity: Choosing Plumbing Contractors Pittsburgh PA – Youngstown OH – Dayton OH
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Honesty and Integrity: Choosing Plumbing Contractors Pittsburgh PA – Youngstown OH – Dayton OH

Mr. Rooter Tip of the Day: When a need arises for any plumbing repair, it usually means a crisis for the customer.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) May 16, 2013 - “Plumbing is not a easy trade,” according to Bob Beall, president of Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Beall’s reputation with his family owned business is impressive. Established in 1970, Mr. Rooter is the largest all-franchised, full-service (no sub-contractors) plumbing and drain cleaning company with approximately 300 franchises worldwide. The Southwestern Pennsylvania area serves 3.5 million customers; it is the largest plumbing company in the world,” according to Beall. Beall operated the largest family plumbing contractors Pittsburgh Pa.

Mr Rooter believes that not every plumbing need, needs a plumber. By offering Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day, Beall has gotten many emails from consumers, which in turn, generates the tips created daily.

“I get a wide range of questions regarding the products that we service which range in age from brand new to over a hundred years old,” says Mr. Rooter. Beall is the most referred plumber in Beaver, Cranberry, Pittsburgh, Sharon, Washington and Westmoreland in Pennsylvania the greater Youngstown and Dayton Ohio areas, as well.

Mr. Rooter offers customers, both residential and commercial plumbing services, the only free second opinion guarantee in the Pittsburgh plumbing industry.

According to Beall, “when a need arises for any plumbing repair, it usually means a crisis for the customer.” Questions range from: ‘no hot water’, ‘the noise from the toilet kept me up all night’, ‘my bathtub is clogged and I have raw sewage in my basement’, to engagement rings lost down the sink and even baby ducks to rescue from drains. Mr. Rooter’s reputation in the plumbing industry has and will remain, second to none. An excellent service plumber must be able to show up at the job, meet with the customer, diagnose the problem, put a monetary value on the repair and then resolve the plumbing issue to the customer’s satisfaction. Beall says, “courtesy is and will remain the most important tool in his plumbing technician’s toolbox.”

The consistency of Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s excellent customer service remains Beall’s top priority. The value that Beall places on the need for an honest plumber with integrity and expert knowledge is behind Mr. Rooter Media Center with dailyfree plumbing tips called Mr. Rooter Tip Of The Day. By registering to receive these tips in your email, Beall states that exclusive offers, deep discounts and promotional giveaways will be made available.

Mr. Rooter Tip Of The Day

How To Choose The Right Plumber

1) Be present at all times.

This may sound obvious but it is by far the most important. Customers must know that when they need a qualified plumber, Mr. Rooter will be there. Plumbers must be present and accessible at all times. Mr. Rooter’s phone 877-ROOTER2 (766-8372) is answered by friendly, knowledgeable and efficient representatives 24/7. Any question posed through the Media Center Website is answered by Beall personally.

2) Treat each case individually

Mr. Rooter may hear the same complaint or problem over-and-over again, but each individual customer is treated as such. The way one person feels about a particular problem (and its solution) will vary dramatically.

3) Follow through

Mr. Rooter doesn’t make promises that it can’t keep. It’s easy to appease a customer with grand ideas and promises, but if the plumber can’t pull them off, trust will be lost. When Mr. Rooter promises delivery by a certain time, it happens.

4) Learn from every customer

Mr. Rooter takes each complaint as a piece of advice and works on it; this has built a stronger and well respected company. When customers see changes made because of them, they trust that they are with a company that they can trust.

5) Put your best ‘people person’ on the front-line

No one wants to deal with a short tempered unenthusiastic employee at the best of times… especially when an emergency presents itself and the customer needs help. Mr. Rooter chooses local customer service representatives carefully. Mr. Rooter’s voice of the company is always approachable and reflects the Mr. Rooter brand accordingly.

6) Do not pass the buck

Mr. Rooter does not pass the customer from pillar to post. No matter how difficult the situation is, customers know that they can contact Mr. Rooter personally.

7) Keep things simple

Mr. Rooter doesn’t confuse the customers with too much jargon or terminology that may not be understood. Every customer is entitled to three things: free estimate, free second opinion and clear communication.

8 ) Be public

Mr. Rooter’s Media Center established a public space (LIVE chat online), and answers it publicly. Future customers trust the open response to an issue.

9) Training

Mr. Rooter has staff members that are fully trained and aware of what’s involved when it comes to excellent customer service. They know that a customer call could come through to anyone on the Mr. Rooter team. This awareness of excellent customer service is imperative with the Mr. Rooter brand.

10) Know your company backwards

The person who deals with customer complaints must know the company backwards and be able to answer any question knowledgeably. As a customer, there is nothing worse than speaking to someone within a company who knows less than the customer making the call.

There’s A Reason They Call Us Mr.™

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