Veterans Enjoy More Opportunities Than In Past Post-War Era’s
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Veterans Enjoy More Opportunities Than In Past Post-War Era’s

Just as the options for communication have grown since the 40's, study shows the options for occupations and business ownership according to HomeTask, Inc. a multi-brand service franchisor.

April 30, 2014 // // A Veteran returning from war for most of the past century came back thinking first about his family. Not much has changed through the passing of time with this fact. What has changed is the number of occupational options that Vets are now considering. In the late forty's, factories were a buzz with manufactured goods in the post-war economic boom. In the wake of the Vietnam War, Veterans returned to a recluse culture that was riddles with inflation but still expanding enough to provide opportunities. In these cases, Veterans were most likely focused on one primary professional avenue that they intended to pursue. They worked on cars prior to the war and that continued in combat so they knew that was most likely their destiny. Or, maybe an uncle ran a restaurant, work-shop or retail store that they were hoping to work in. Some group up in business under their parents care and had visions of taking over a family operation. Few considered business ownership of their own from scratch – much fewer than today that is.

Veterans returning from the war zones today are returning with a completely blank slate. Many of them did not enjoy what they did during the time of service. Many know there are a slough of options that they could fairly quickly get trained to do. And, many today understand how easy it has become to open and own their own business. For many, that will be under the support and infrastructure of a franchise system with proven results.

In a recent study by HomeTask, Inc., 7 of 10 Veterans reported that they were unsure what they would do occupationally when they returned from service but they were interested in owning their own business. HomeTask CEO hypothesized about the responses, “I think there are so many options for these young and talented folks that have just not spent a lot of time thinking about it. If you know you are going to a salad bar for lunch, you likely do not think through each topping that you will put on the salad before hand. If you are going to a burger joint however, you probably know instantly what you will be having. When face with many options, people tend to delay their decisions. I believe that is what we are seeing with the Veterans that are returning to their homeland. These are not career solders. They are young men and women with vivacious talents and a desire to make a difference in their world. They are plotting and planning to leave a mark, some just are not quite sure what that mark is going to look like yet.

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HomeTask is a multi-brand franchisor of six home services concepts and has over 160 locations nationwide. HomeTask brands currently include Freggies (organic produce delivery), Lawn Army (lawn care service), Pet Butler (pet waste cleanup), Yellow Van Handyman (your pro handyman), and Data Doctors (computer services). HomeTask also provides a service network that connects with other businesses in your area. To find out more, please visit

About Jerrod Sessler

Jerrod Sessler is also the Founder and CEO of HomeTask, a multi-brand service focused franchisor including Blue Crew, Freggies, Pet Butler, Lawn Army and Yellow Van Handyman. He is a former NASCAR driver, US Navy veteran, engineer, cancer survivor and author. He lives in Seattle and enjoys life with his wife and three kids. You can connect with Jerrod through his [Twitter __title__ ] or Facebook page:




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