Former Attorney, Now Bread Expert, Takes on Carbohydrate Bashers with Her New Book on Baking Bread
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Former Attorney, Now Bread Expert, Takes on Carbohydrate Bashers with Her New Book on Baking Bread

Is Offering Baking Classes in All Nine House of Bread Locations

San Luis Obispo, Ca (PRWEB) May 15, 2014 - McCann, formerly an attorney and founder and owner of the House of Bread Franchising has written "House of Bread Made Easy" to encourage people to bake and enjoy the flavor of fresh wholesome bread. "You can eventually learn from a recipe book how to bake bread, but the best way is to have someone show you how to knead to obtain that 'good' dough feel. The bread making classes were introduced after numerous requests from customers."

McCann explains, "Bread can be good or bad for you, depending on how it is made. Breads that contain highly processed, refined ingredients – the so-called 'bad carbohydrates' – really are fattening. Further, the unreal ingredients in mass produced breads will cause indigestion and bloating, which people often mistakenly assume it is the gluten. But bread made with natural ingredients and whole grains – 'good carbohydrates' – can improve health and actually promote weight loss."

"With this cookbook, I want to teach people to bake healthy, wholesome bread like the kind we produce in our bakeries," McCann said. The book contains two dozen recipes, discussed in sufficient detail to make the process comprehensible and even easy for someone who has never baked a homemade loaf of bread before.

The recipes in "House of Bread Made Easy" rely on fresh, healthy ingredients. McCann refuses to use chemical emulsifiers and dough conditioners, which are often added to store-bought breads to eliminate rising time. She relies mostly on honey as a sweetener, rather than highly processed corn syrup. "Most of the recipes contain no added fats or oils, and they are loaded with fiber, protein and B vitamins," she says.

House of Bread recipes are based on solid nutritional research. In her book, she describes how she visited more than 100 bakeries and talked with wheat farmers across the country before trading her attorney's briefcase for a baker's apron and opening her first bakery in San Luis Obispo, Calif., in 1996.

McCann's recipes have certainly proved healthy for House of Bread. While the popularity of low-carbohydrate or no gluten diets has taken a bite out of more than one food company, House of Bread continues to grow, with plans to add new franchises by the end of 2014.

The cookbook and baking classes are available at all House of Bread bakeries, or the book may be obtained by visiting the House of Bread site ( or calling 1-800-545-5146.

About House of Bread

Sheila McCann opened the first House of Bread in San Luis Obispo, Calif., in 1996. Then she began a national franchise program that has since expanded to six states. All House of Bread recipes rely on fresh, high-quality ingredients, such as the high-protein wheat berries that are ground into flour daily at each House of Bread location. In addition to the original San Luis Obispo location, House of Bread franchises can be found in San Luis Obispo and Chatsworth, California; Reno, Nevada; Victoria, Texas; Tigard, Oregon; Anchorage and Wasilla Alaska.


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