Time to Fit Into Your Genes: Scientifically Proven Genetic Tests for Weight Loss
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Time to Fit Into Your Genes: Scientifically Proven Genetic Tests for Weight Loss

Stanford University studies show that those who follow a DNA-based diet lose 2.5 times more weight than those who do not - BalanceDiet™ offers a proprietary genetic test for weight management based on clients' DNA, then provides a personal lifestyle plan designed using each individual's test results.

Miami Beach, FL - December 31, 2014 - (PR.com) - A Miami-based national weight loss system is using cutting edge technology such as a proprietary genetic test for weight loss to develop a highly customizable weight loss plan for consumers. BalanceDiet™ has distinguished itself among other national weight loss brands because of contemporary approach to food and eating, and customizable healthy lifestyle plans. The company has substantially increased its offerings by turning to scientifically proven strategies, such as their proprietary Genetic Test for Weight Loss, delivered at affordable prices. Lifestyle consultants at each of the nation-wide BalanceDiet™ centers use the results from their test to tailor a personalized follow up lifestyle and food plan for a client, based upon their genetics and how their body metabolises food.

Melisa Jakubiec, a BalanceDiet™ Club Director, tells FOX News, Tampa Bay:

"By looking at four genes, we can determine if they [BalanceDiet clients] are sensitive to fat or carbohydrates, or a little of both. Then, the diet can be further personalized to facilitate their weight loss. Similar genetic testing programs can be thousands of dollars, what I love about the BalanceDiet program is its simplicity and how affordable it is. For under $200 a client can have insight into their body and a lifetime of wisdom on food and eating strategies tailored to them" ³

Christopher Gardner, Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University published a study in April 2013 that looked at 141 women who were following four diets that focus on varying portions of carbohydrates and fats according to national standards. Each woman provided a DNA test sample. After one year, women on average who followed a diet that matched their specific genetic makeup lost 2.5x more weight than those women who did not follow the diet according to their genetic makeup. To put these results in perspective, they lost approximately 13 pounds versus 4 pounds, respectively.

Based on this Stanford University Study as well as multiple other studies, the BalanceDiet™ genetic weight loss test is designed to determine a person's ideal dietary food identity with a simple cotton swab test.

Rena Anne Apple, client at BalanceDiet™, who after losing 70lbs, still attends the center to maintain her weight:

"I started gaining weight in middle school and I just kept gaining weight up until I went to college, and even after college I topped out at 275lbs...Now that I'm on maintenance, I don't have to eliminate all carbs from my diet. I can say 'Okay, I'll have this potato, but I'm going to eliminate bread'...I look like a completely different person from when I was [275lbs]... I'm a totally different person, and I love it! One of the things that has helped me stick to the plan is how easy it is to follow." ³

BalanceDiet™ provides private coaching from highly trained lifestyle experts who customize personal nutrition and wellness plans as a followup to support a clients genetic test results.

Existing and new clients may register for the weight management genetic test at any BalanceDiet™ Centers nationwide. To learn more, visit: http://www.gobalancediet.com/about/genetic-testing/

About BalanceDiet™

For over 20 years, BalanceDiet™ has been helping clients meet and exceed their weight loss goals with its proven diet programs, award-winning product lines, and innovative client options such as their proprietary genetic test for weight loss. Known for personalized consulting and highly effective weight loss plans, the company reflects a "balanced" approach to food, eating, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. BalanceDiet™ is a fast-growing wellness brand with more than 30 locations throughout the United States, in addition to the BalanceDiet™ At Home service offered directly to consumers. The company is expanding internationally and expects to have 40 ground-based operations by year-end, with additional franchise opportunities available. For more information on BalanceDiet™, please visit www.goBalanceDiet.com.

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