National Survey Reveals More Than 100 Million Americans Miss Pre-Pandemic Exercise Routines Resulting in "Basement Burnout"
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National Survey Reveals More Than 100 Million Americans Miss Pre-Pandemic Exercise Routines Resulting in "Basement Burnout"

Orangetheory® Fitness Health Science & Research expert, Dr. Rachelle Reed, shares consumer tips on increasing motivation, accountability and recovery

BOCA RATON, Fla., June 2, 2021 // PRNewswire // - After more than year of working out in front of computers and televisions, ordering new fitness equipment and searching for motivation to keep going, Americans are ready to shake off their "Basement Burnout," a new national survey found. Orangetheory® Fitness, the global fitness brand known for its results-driven and science-based full-body workouts, partnered with Kelton Global to survey Americans on national sentiment around the pandemic's impact on consumers' fitness routines.

The State of Personal Fitness
Fourteen months into the pandemic, 70 percent of exercising-Americans admit they miss their routine before COVID-19, with more than 30 percent missing being inside a gym; having access to different fitness equipment; or having variety in their workouts. Research also found that 68 percent of Americans report that their fitness regimen in general took a hit, despite their best efforts and intentions.

After a year of limited options, almost half of Americans (41 percent) are suffering from the monotony of the at-home fitness regime. The data reveals a strong desire among consumers to return to pre-pandemic fitness routines, swapping at-home workouts for variety, community, motivation and accountability offered by studios and gyms.

According to the survey, nearly half (43 percent) of Americans reported suffering from a lack of motivation to exercise and 32 percent specifically miss the real-life connections their pre-pandemic exercise routines afforded.

Ready for a Change… Ready for More
Looking ahead to the remainder of this year, an overwhelming majority (85 percent) of Americans are eager and excited to make positive changes to their physical activity. Forty-three percent of respondents specifically noted they are planning to set and achieve new fitness goals. Nearly one in three Americans are keen to take their exercise routines outside of the home more often, including returning to a fitness studio or gym – or joining one for the first time. The study also highlights how consumers are looking forward to the support of workout coaches and camaraderie that's often a large part of the studio/gym experience.

Preventing "Basement Burnout"
Dr. Rachelle Reed, Senior Director of Health Science & Research for Orangetheory Fitness, suggests "Basement Burnout" could stem from a lack of variety in physical activity, excessive training at the beginning of the pandemic, to not enough recovery time in between workouts.

"Orangetheory intentionally crafts its workouts to help members progress their fitness over time and achieve desired results without experiencing burnout," explains Dr. Reed. "Our science-based programs are continually varied and meticulously tested, re-tested and perfected before our members experience them. Our commitment to perfecting the overall workout experience allows our members to experience more – more in our studios – but even more outside of them. It is why Orangetheory outperforms at-home routines and classes offered by other studios."

Dr. Reed's Tips for Preventing "Basement Burnout"

  • Self-monitor and track progress. Behavior change research indicates that tracking one's exercise sessions and individual progress – including improvements in performance, body composition shifts to how you feel during and after a workout – may help you stay the course
  • Add variety to at-home fitness routines, such as studio classes led by a certified trainer or coach who can provide expert guidance and motivation to help achieve desired results
  • According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, adults are more likely to participate in physical activity when they feel supported by others. Create or find an accountability system, such as a class or studio; having a partner or community offers social support to motivate and further achieve desired results
  • Ensure adequate sleep, proper nutrition, hydration and stress management to help prevent the psychological and physiological stressors that ultimately lead to burnout 
  • Allow the body enough time to properly recover between workouts; American College of Sports Medicine recommends about 48 hours for recovery between heavy resistance training sessions

Finding Motivation

Orangetheory is helping consumers come out of their "basements" and into the light of its results-driven studios to experience science-based workouts that provide the accountability and motivation needed with a special one-month free offer for those who sign up for an Elite or Premier membership by June 30, 2021.

"As the country begins to reopen after more than a year of COVID-related restrictions, it is obvious we are made for more than what has been available to us during the pandemic," said Kevin Keith, Chief Brand Officer of Orangetheory Fitness. "Orangetheory Fitness welcomes those looking to emerge from their home gyms and break their monotonous exercise routines in exchange for the excitement, communal motivation, accountability and results we are known for. Now more than ever, we understand the importance of our health and wellness and the role it plays in our daily lives. Orangetheory is doubling down as a resource and partner helping members achieve more results, more energy and more life."

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