7-Eleven Franchisees Soar with Experience and World-Class Support
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7-Eleven Franchisees Soar with Experience and World-Class Support

7-Eleven Franchisees Soar with Experience and World-Class Support

Global retail giant 7-Eleven wants Franchisees who think big. 

The world’s largest convenience store brand remains hungry for growth, with an eye on multi-unit experience. For the right Franchisee, 7-Eleven serves up a myriad of opportunities and a fast start to operating multiple locations. 

“I looked into other franchise models, but [7-Eleven] was a very safe investment for me. It’s a brand that’s been around a long time, and it’s an easy process to become a Franchisee,”  says Sukhi Sandhu, a multi-unit 7-Eleven Franchisee in Stockton, California. 

7-Eleven seeks to expand with multi-unit owners who have significant retail or foodservice industry experience and prosperous single-store 7-Eleven owners ready to take their franchise game to the next level. Ideal candidates have five to 10 years of multi-unit management experience, particularly at the district or regional levels. 

Industry know-how counts, but owners don’t necessarily need to come from the franchise world to excel, thanks to 7-Eleven’s world-class support. Backed by a proven, tried-and-true business model, Franchisees have access to resources that enable them to own and operate their stores, including recommended processes and intensive training programs that cover the ins and outs of the convenience business. 

New Franchisees start their 7-Eleven journey with LAUNCH (Leadership, Alignment, Understanding, Networking, Communication, and History). This three-day, power-packed class, held at the Store Support Center in Dallas, Texas, includes an in-depth introduction to the 7-Eleven brand, culture and mission, and discussions about strategy, business functions and the importance of communications. Attendees are also given mock skills assessments to prepare for future in-store training. Classes hear from 7-Eleven leaders and tour different departments. They even visit the site where 7-Eleven coffee is roasted.

Franchisees, or their designees, continue to hone their skills with C.O.O.L. (College of Operations Leadership) training. This tactical training program includes hands-on classroom teaching, self-paced books and e-learning modules on every aspect of owning a 7-Eleven franchise. Everything from customer service basics and forecasting sales to stocking, recommended pricing and food prep is taught as a foundation for the rest of the training. The program also covers business and team management, and culminates with the opportunity to put the education in action in a store. 

 “7-Eleven's C.O.O.L. [College of Operations Leadership] training gave me and my store managers essential knowledge and tools to help me better run my franchised businesses,” says Florida multi-unit Franchisee Haroon Khan.

7-Eleven delivers the same forward-thinking approach to franchising that has made the iconic retailer the industry’s premier brand. Franchise owners will find a flexible pathway to continuous, recession-proof opportunities and multiple reasons to expand, such as flexible location options and mega buying and leveraging power. 

Multiple-store Franchisees can transfer resources, employees, and merchandise between locations to address deficiencies and redistribute overstock — which can save a lot of time. Franchisees can also count on 7-Eleven to provide advice to Franchisees that can help them grow their business.

“There’s huge efficiency gains and economies of scale,” notes veteran 7-Eleven Franchisee Danny Kang, who owns four stores in the San Fernando Valley. “You can have employees float between different stores. If you have over-inventory at one store, you can transfer it to another store. You can do promotions that are specific to a certain area. There are a lot of benefits to being a multiple.” 

There is no better time to be a 7-Eleven Franchisee. 

With 67,000 locations in 17 countries, 7-Eleven has a corner on convenient, in-store shopping and is leading the way to redefine the experiences of the future. The retailer continues to look for ways to expand and enhance the company’s shopping footprint – and consumers’ digital shopping experience – inside and outside its stores.

To discover a world of franchise opportunity at 7-Eleven, head over to franchise.7-eleven.com/franchise/multi-unit.


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Published: July 25th, 2019

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