ApplePie Capital: The Right Choice to Meet Your Multi-Unit Growth Goals
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ApplePie Capital: The Right Choice to Meet Your Multi-Unit Growth Goals

ApplePie Capital: The Right Choice to Meet Your Multi-Unit Growth Goals

When it comes to multi-unit expansion, access to the right capital, at the right time, with the right financial partner can be a game-changer in ensuring success. With a fresh approach to franchise financing—and the only lender dedicated to the industry—ApplePie Capital knows franchising and understands the unique needs of franchisees at every stage of growth.

“When someone comes to us, the first thing we want to know is what their plans are for growth, and for succession or exit,” says Ron Feldman, ApplePie’s Chief Development Officer. “Your exit plan – how long you want to run these units – can affect what kind of loan you get.”

ApplePie’s teams are brand specialists. Armed with well-defined goals and a snapshot of your financial picture and operations, ApplePie takes a consultative approach to create and execute a custom multi-unit financing strategy that ensures development stays on track.

The key to smart multi-unit expansion is to match growth plans with the right capital solutions.   Generally, Feldman says, the rule of thumb is to preserve as much cash as possible to maintain a rainy day fund and the resources to open or acquire new units when opportunities arise versus “a one unit at a time” mentality.

“The biggest problem we see with franchisees in the early stages is not using the proper balance of equity and debt to efficiently meet their capital and operational abilities,” notes Feldman. “Often, a franchisee will use too much cash or too little cash to fund expansion.  They borrow too much or they don’t borrow enough.”

ApplePie offers a dedicated, captive lending product, as well as a full host of SBA, conventional, and equipment loan options from its diverse lender network.  Their simplified, fully online application process enables borrowers to access multiple loan options and fast and efficient funding with just a single application.

The path to finance multi-unit development typically varies based on the size of a portfolio. SBA loans are the most common way to fund initial growth, while conventional lending opportunities generally become more readily available for franchisees with five or more units. ApplePie’s signature loan product, ApplePie Core, is designed specifically to accelerate multi-unit franchise growth at earlier stages than traditional franchise lenders will allow.

No matter your strategy, franchisees should avoid getting hung up on interest rates. The interest rate you pay is a lot less important than your monthly payment and the term of the loan, Feldman says.

“The cheapest capital is generally not the best capital,” emphasizes Feldman. “You want the most flexible capital while you are growing; once you’ve grown you look at the cheapest capital options.”

What should a capital markets partner do for you? Similar to a CPA or attorney, a capital markets partner should be a trusted advisor that:

  • Knows your brand and specializes in the industry.
  • Provides customized financing options that meet your specific needs.
  • Focuses on your long-term goals and ensures you have the capital available when you need it most.

“We want to take you from the first unit to your end place – whether that is 10, 20 or 50 units,” says Feldman. “Whatever that number is, we will hold your hand along the way to make sure you are optimizing the capital to meet your personal objectives. It goes back to being a trusted advisor. We know the ropes and will help you focus on the long-term, to get capital when you need it most.”

With just one simple online application we’ll guide you to the best loan options for your franchise, whether you’re a first-time franchisee, growing multi-unit operator, or farming your franchise wealth.

Submit your inquiry online today at or contact us at 1 (844) 734-GROW to schedule a free consultation to discuss your franchise growth plans. Together, we’ll plant the seeds for your success. Easy as ApplePie.

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Published: October 9th, 2019

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