Effective Communication: Powerful Tool that Helps Liberty Tax Shine
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Effective Communication: Powerful Tool that Helps Liberty Tax Shine

Effective Communication: Powerful Tool that Helps Liberty Tax Shine

Any marketer worth his or her salt knows that you have to use a variety of tools and platforms to reach customers these days. Liberty Tax is one company that has effectively used public relations, guerrilla marketing, and influencers as a way to tell its story, develop brand awareness, and engage customers and franchisees.

The proof is in the pudding. In a short amount of time, Liberty Tax experienced explosive growth and moved into position as a leader in the tax preparation space. On the consumer side, Liberty Tax has evolved into a brand that is synonymous with taxes. The franchise’s Statue of Liberty wavers are a recognizable sign across the country that tax time is upon us. Liberty Tax doesn’t have to pay to advertise that fact: Newspapers, magazines and other media platforms often use images of Liberty Tax wavers to illustrate stories about tax season. The “free” publicity helps the brand grow and flourish.

At the Home Office, Liberty Tax employs a multi-pronged approach to public relations. Along with press releases, the brand positions itself as a leader on franchising and taxes through contributed content, e-books, blogs, and more in such publications as Inc., Bloomberg, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Fox, Forbes, and several smaller local media outlets.

“We understand the power of public relations, and we use it effectively to talk to a national audience,” says Martha O’Gorman, Chief Marketing Officer. “We also know that it can’t just be us out there talking about how great we are, so we are pleased that there are influencers who recognize our brand and want to preach about it, too.”

One such influencer is Stan Phelps, author of a series of books on great marketing tactics. Phelps’ most recent book is “Pink Goldfish: Defy Normal, Exploit Imperfection and Captivate Your Customers.” It talks about brands that have successfully moved into a market by offering a different, maybe unexpected experience for customers.

Of Liberty Tax, Phelps writes: “Accountants are professionals. Taxes are serious business. No one wants to mess with the IRS. That’s why it’s surprising that Liberty Tax hires wavers to dress up like the Statue of Liberty and sing and dance and wave at the people driving by.”

Phelps goes on to demonstrate how Liberty Tax’s approach to taxes makes the brand stand out from the rest of the industry, and how that differentiation has helped Liberty Tax gain audience, customers, and brand recognition.

“Influencers like Stan Phelps are an outside voice that shine a light on us and help build trust in what we deliver,” says O’Gorman.

O’Gorman, who has been with Liberty Tax since its founding, has seen how public relations and influencers have helped build the company’s footprint. She says by using such methods to their fullest, Liberty Tax is able to make more targeted and focused decisions about paid advertising.

“We can be careful in our choices,” O’Gorman says. “We can look for opportunities in paid advertising and deliver results that our franchisees can count on.”

Liberty Tax’s mission is to have “happy, successful franchisees,” so it makes sense that the brand is always looking out for its franchisees’ best interests and positioning itself in the national dialogue through effective public relations and influencer marketing.

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Published: May 25th, 2018

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