Entrepreneur Opens Three Perspire Sauna Studios in a New Market in Less Than a Year
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Entrepreneur Opens Three Perspire Sauna Studios in a New Market in Less Than a Year

Entrepreneur Opens Three Perspire Sauna Studios in a New Market in Less Than a Year

Perspire Sauna Studio has taken the $1 trillion wellness industry by storm with its unique full-spectrum infrared sauna and medical-grade color light therapy studios, which are quickly popping up all across the country. The brand offers clients scientifically backed health and wellness benefits that help them feel and live better.

Austin-based entrepreneur, Doug Schaaf, has noticed the growing business and is seizing on the opportunity to expand into the wellness industry. Schaaf has a proven record of success as a co-founder, investor, and business leader within a variety of industries, but it was a more personal connection that drew Schaaf to Perspire Sauna Studio.

A family history of cardiovascular disease led Schaaf to become more concerned about his own health a few years ago. “I felt like there had to be a way to be more proactive and take control of my health. I started hearing more and more about infrared saunas and all of the health benefits from regular sauna use,” said Schaff. However, when he searched for infrared sauna treatments in Austin, he found that his choices were limited. 

While on a trip to California, he discovered Perspire and instantly fell in love with the brand and experience. He liked everything from the studio’s aesthetics, to the Clearlight Saunas and the privacy they provide, to the relaxing experience and  attention to customer service, so he queried a few of the brand’s existing franchisees who further validated the concept, leaving him eager to explore his options as a potential franchisee.  Upon connecting with the Perspire corporate team, he was sold: Doug opened his first location in the greater Austin area in August 2019, the second in March 2020, and the third in August 2020.

From day one, Schaaf says the brand was always supportive of his goals to open multiple locations in his market. “Operationally, the company has an excellent team that ensures consistency and technological efficiency. There is also increased attention around new store openings that help alleviate some of the operational stress and drive a streamlined process,” he said. “The growing community of franchisees who openly communicate has been a great resource.”

Opening three new business locations in a single year  is a lofty goal  for any entrepreneur but Schaff was up for the challenge and was strategic in how he did it. These three  studios have served as a critical component in scaling his resources, driving efficiency, and creating more widespread awareness within the greater Austin area. 

He says he combined the brand’s corporate support with input he received from other successful franchisees but geography helped too. “I was able to use the same team to help me on each project (the same real estate broker, the same lawyer working on my lease agreements, the same contractor assisting with the buildouts) and this helped us reduce the normal time it would take to open a studio,” Schaff said. He said his brand awareness efforts also included collaborating with local innovators in the health and wellness space. “I think the thing that has been most beneficial has been connecting with others that are as equally passionate about what we do and we’ve leveraged that shared zeal to expand our individual communities.” 

Perspire Sauna Studio, the nation's first and largest infrared sauna and light therapy brand is looking for experienced entrepreneurs interested in bringing the transformational health and wellness concept to their community. If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you are interested in, visit www.franchise.perspiresaunastudio.com to learn more about franchise opportunities.

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Published: October 6th, 2020

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