Experienced Operators Find Success Adding Checkers & Rally's to Portfolio
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Experienced Operators Find Success Adding Checkers & Rally's to Portfolio

Experienced Operators Find Success Adding Checkers & Rally's to Portfolio

Checkers & Rally’s is looking for a unique kind of franchise operator. 

That’s because the iconic double drive-thru QSR brand’s restaurants are the perfect portfolio addition for experienced multi-unit operators steeped in infrastructure. Franchisees like Dinesh Goswami and Sam Chand are thriving with Checkers & Rally’s.

Goswami operates more than 100 Popeyes, Dunkin’, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut locations in the Northeast. He has now added 5 Checkers locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with more scheduled to open in the next quarter. 

“As an owner of several other concepts, my business partners and I were looking for a complementing burger brand, and Checkers & Rally’s fit exactly into our expansion strategy,” said Goswami. “The brand’s model has proven itself in the QSR and drive-thru space and we have a good understanding of the operations involved as well as the customer base.”

Chand also operates in Northeast markets where he has dozens of KFC and Taco Bell locations, and has grown to 30 Checkers locations in Michigan and New York.

“I was drawn to Checkers & Rally's because of the innovative value menu offerings like the seasoned fries, burgers, and proven track record of success in the quick-service restaurant industry,” said Chand.  He said the brand’s small restaurant footprint and double drive-thru make a great ROI compared to other major international brands. He also likes the brand's commitment to grow in underserved markets.

Goswami and Chand are succeeding because of their existing infrastructure and experience, which provide a solid foundation for seamlessly integrating a brand like Checkers & Rally's into their growth objectives and quickly getting up to speed. Experience managing multiple franchise brands and locations helped them develop strong operational skills that are transferable across other brands. They succeed because they already understand inventory management, staff scheduling, customer service protocols, and other operational aspects crucial for running a successful restaurant business. 

“I have already invested in infrastructure such as restaurant facilities, equipment, and technology solutions that can be leveraged for the Checkers & Rally's brand,” said Chand. “This helps expedite the setup process and reduces the required time and resources.”

Goswami agrees and said, “We are hands-on operators and our experience of operating multiple Popeyes locations has come in very handy in operating Checkers, especially since we operate both the brands in the same geographical and demographic area.”

Operators like Goswami and Chand understand the importance of hiring and retaining top talent and being actively involved in the communities where they operate Checkers locations.

“We treat each and every employee as a family member, pay them above industry standard, and have a bonus and growth plan for each employee who wants to excel within our company,” said Goswami. “For us, employees come first before customers. Happy employees mean happy customers.”

 Chand said hiring and retaining the best people is essential for the success of any business. “People often ask what is your business and my answer is always I am in the people business,” he said. It’s important to have a deep bench too because today’s cook or cashier could be tomorrow’s manager. “To attract and retain top talent we focus on cross training, competitive compensation, positive work environment, training and development, opportunities for growth, and leading by example.”

Goswami and Chand also make sure they are engaged with the community. 

“We believe it’s important to give back to the communities that we operate in so we donate free food to local churches, soup kitchens, and food banks,” said Goswami. 

Chand added, “Ensuring the well-being of our customers and communities is a top priority. That's why we're dedicated to supporting initiatives like education accessibility, providing financial and crisis assistance, and giving back to our communities. We're proud to offer free college opportunities for full-time employees at our KFC locations.”

These are all great ways to gauge success but the hard numbers also back-up how operators like Goswami and Chand are finding success with Checkers & Rally’s.

Chand said his Checkers locations’ AUV are approximately $1.5 million. “That’s well above system average. We operate our COGS comfortably under 60% on average.”

Goswami said he is on a growth path and has already opened 5 stores in less than a year. “It is too early to share the volumes and percentages but the figures have been more than what we expected.”

Checkers & Rally’s is now looking for proven operators to help the brand expand in targeted select markets throughout the United States, in places like Wisconsin, Ohio, New York New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

If you are an experienced operator looking to add to your portfolio, now is a great time to look into franchising opportunities with Checkers & Rally’s. To learn more about the brand, investment requirements, and open territories visit checkersfranchising.com.

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Published: March 21st, 2024

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