Hungry Howie's Ramps Up Digital Innovation 
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Hungry Howie's Ramps Up Digital Innovation 

Hungry Howie's Ramps Up Digital Innovation 

As the originator of Flavored Crust® pizza, innovation is at the core of Hungry Howie’s winning foundation and visionary formula for lasting success. 

Founded in 1973, Hungry Howie’s has kept up with technological advancements in order to better serve its customer base. The top pizza franchise’s integrated digital initiatives have included an online ordering platform, a user-friendly mobile app and the launch of the customized Howie Rewards program that provides guests with several incentives and free pizza. Hungry Howie’s has also added Howie Track to its mobile app, allowing customers to track their order in real time. 

Hungry Howie’s franchisees are reaping their own rewards with a unified point of sale (POS) system company-wide for a technology-driven competitive edge that starts at home. In addition, the concept’s internal Howie’s Online Management Exchange (HOME) platform allows the company and its franchisees access to real-time sales figures and labor reports right at their fingertips.  

The metro-Detroit, Michigan-based brand’s commitment to invest in technology in a rapidly changing digital marketplace, has been a game-changer for franchisees. 

 “The ability to go online wherever I am, check my sales, see what my out-the-door times are and be able to immediately react to customer concerns and complaints is invaluable,” says franchisee David Plait, owner of 16 Hungry Howie’s restaurants in Michigan. 

The HOME platform also monitors the percentage of sales made online, number of complaints and what percentage have been resolved, same-store comparables, average ticket amounts, average delivery times and sales by product. 

 “It is essential in today’s world to have the ability to access key performance data regarding my stores in real-time. It has given us the ability to make adjustments when big waves of business come,” says Brian Edelen, who operates seven Hungry Howie’s stores in Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina. 

The system’s sales and labor feedback provide franchise owners a tool to make business better in a hands-on way. 

“If it’s necessary, I can call and say, ‘we need to step this up a bit, or, ‘we are doing a great job,’ which is the way I’d rather have it,” says multi-unit franchisee Don Copus, who operates 22 Hungry Howie’s locations in Michigan, Indiana and Utah.

The brand’s digital moves also include fully integrated marketing plans that allow franchisees to deepen customer connections using data that is already available. 

 “Hungry Howie’s online marketing has been key in moving forward with new marketing ideas,” notes Edelen. “We moved money that has traditionally been spent on print toward digital and social media advertising. In addition, the team implemented several other impactful marketing strategies that have really helped to elevate and propel the brand forward. Many of these tactics promote our website to drive online ordering, versus our phone number.” 

With close to 550 stores in 21 states, Hungry Howie’s remains growth-focused, having experienced 35 consecutive quarters of same-store sales increases thanks to perfected pizza and a proven franchise system. Hungry to start a rewarding business? Join one of America’s largest and best pizza franchises. Visit to discover your opportunities. 

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Published: November 11th, 2019

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