Improve Customer Retention with Digital Signage
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Improve Customer Retention with Digital Signage

Improve Customer Retention with Digital Signage

How to Improve Customer Retention with Streaming TV 

Customer retention has always been a hot topic for restaurant and bar owners, and it has attracted even more attention due to the recent staffing challenges that restaurants are experiencing. Focusing on customer retention is important because an increase of even 5% can lead to up to a 25% increase in profits. 

When it comes to improving customer retention, there is no single solution. However, there are some highly effective tactics you can use to enhance customer loyalty and reduce churn. One strategy is to use streaming TV services. 

TV streaming services for restaurants differ from those designed for consumer use. The best TV streaming services for restaurants offer short, engaging content that appeals to many audiences. They also allow restaurants to insert customized ads into the stream to highlight seasonal or weekly specials. 

The Link Between Restaurant Customer Service and Entertainment 

Offering high-quality food and drinks is essential to restaurant customer service. However, Restaurants with both great entertainment and excellent food and beverages offer a complete dining experience. Diners can enjoy a quality meal and watch engaging content that aligns with your establishment's theme and brand voice. 

Great entertainment and digital signage can help reduce perceived wait times, and improve the quality of customer service patrons receive. If customers perceive their wait time to be brief, they will be in a better mood, and your staff can concentrate on providing a positive dining experience instead of making up for an initial bad impression. 

Using Streaming TV Services to Increase Guest Retention 

From adrenaline-filled content, to calm and serene, TV streaming services for restaurants allow restaurants to display content that aligns with their brand image.

This same concept applies to the ads displayed in between content. The best TV streaming services allow restaurant owners to choose which ads to display in their establishment. Restaurant owners can advertise specials, new menu items, and even inhouse events such as happy hours. This increases awareness of food and beverage specials and encourages guests to order items they may not have considered. 

The ability to advertise food specials ties directly into customer retention and self service. Today's restaurant guests expect self-service opportunities, especially when eating at casual restaurants. 

The Best TV Streaming Service for Improving Customer Retention 

Streaming services can not only improve customer retention, but they are also far more economical than traditional cable subscriptions. Providing the right in-restaurant entertainment is a great way to improve the customer experience and boost your bottom line. Not all streaming services are suitable for use in a restaurant environment. TV streaming services designed for residential use display long-form content that does not align well with the restaurant environment. Streaming services for restaurants and bars display captivating, short-form content that patrons can intermittently enjoy while dining.

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Published: September 13th, 2022

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