Kona Ice Expanding and Looking for Passionate Franchisees 
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Kona Ice Expanding and Looking for Passionate Franchisees 

Kona Ice Expanding and Looking for Passionate Franchisees 

So you’ve been doing a lot of digging. There are thousands of franchises out there in the big, scary world, and that requires you to research them all. (Or at least a great deal of them). What franchise will work best for you? What franchise will allow you the freedom to own your own business? Which franchise has proven itself to be #1 in franchisee satisfaction for 10 consecutive years? After all, isn’t that the key? A franchise whose franchisees are thrilled? Well, that would be Kona Ice. And they’ve got nearly 700 thrilled franchisees. 

Kona Ice believes that if you’re going to buy into a franchise, you should be buying into a company that provides unwavering support at an affordable price point—without outrageous fees. Their turn-key model allows you to start your business without the stress and high demand of traditional franchises. You independently run and operate your own business while Corporate develops new and innovative ways to develop the Kona Ice brand. (All while providing you with the most incredible support possible!) Simply put, your day to day consists of serving joy and happiness! What could be better than that? 

You can’t make this up. For 9 consecutive years, Entrepreneur magazine has named Kona Ice the fastest growing franchise. Franchise Business Review has named them #1 for franchisee satisfaction, culture, women, veterans, and more. Not to mention, they have been founder-led since day one. Founder and CEO, Tony Lamb, started with one truck in 2007 and has grown his business to 1,500 franchises across the country. And he’s been there ever since. The passion has never left. 

But more than passion and profit, Kona Ice is fun. It’s a business that allows you to serve your community and spread the joy of shaved ice. Who wouldn’t be excited to walk up to a truck that delights all the senses—from the beautiful animations to the music and smells of the tropics? They’ve served over 30,000 schools and have given back over $125 million to organizations across the country. Kona Ice is ingrained in their communities: what soccer game, field day, or birthday party is complete without it?

Kona Ice wants you to join them and be part of a family that cares about its communities, franchisees, and employees. You will be part of a brand that allows you to give back to others, create a fresh start, and grow as fast as you want. With a business model that is constantly growing, innovating, (wait ‘til you see their new Coffee Truck concept) and finding the best methods of support, they feel they have the best franchise in the industry. Really, how could nearly 700 franchisees be wrong?

For more information on being part of the #1 food truck company in the world, head over to kona-ice.com/ or contact Jeff Steffen at sales@kona-ice.com.

Kona Ice
It's time for a fresh start. Join Kona Ice today! We're a low-investment, fast-growing business with over 1,500 franchises in the last 12 years. And we've continued to rank #1 in franchisee satisfaction for the last 9 years...enough said! Learn More

Published: January 13th, 2023

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