Pepper Lunch Redefines Fast-Casual Dining with DIY Teppanyaki
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Pepper Lunch Redefines Fast-Casual Dining with DIY Teppanyaki

Pepper Lunch Redefines Fast-Casual Dining with DIY Teppanyaki

Pepper Lunch is taking the fast-casual dining industry by storm in the USA with its distinctive DIY teppanyaki dining concept. With six thriving locations across the United States and over 500 worldwide in 15 countries, Pepper Lunch is strategically expanding its presence in the American market. This innovative franchise model marries streamlined operations with an exciting dining experience, drawing in forward-thinking entrepreneurs eager to be part of a proven, highly profitable brand.

A Revolutionary Dining Experience

At Pepper Lunch, dining is more than just a meal—it's an interactive experience. Guests actively participate in cooking their meals on Pepper Lunch’s proprietary hot iron plates, customizing each dish to their liking. This hands-on approach transforms every meal into a personalized social event that fits perfectly into the fast-paced lives of today’s diners, making it a fun and engaging alternative to traditional dining.

Setting the Trend with Asian Flavors

As Asian cuisine continues to gain popularity in the United States, Pepper Lunch stands at the forefront with a menu that blends traditional and contemporary flavors. This innovative culinary strategy caters to the increasing demand for authentic and approachable Asian dishes, ensuring Pepper Lunch is a trendsetter rather than a follower.

Captivating the Next Generation

Pepper Lunch has a unique appeal to young adults, with half of its customers under the age of 30. These diners are looking for more than just a meal—they seek a sense of community and an engaging dining experience. CEO Troy Hooper states, "At Pepper Lunch, we're not just serving food; we're creating spaces where everyone feels welcome, and where dining is an exciting and interactive social activity."

Operational Excellence for Maximum Efficiency

Pepper Lunch’s operational model is designed for simplicity and efficiency. With gas-free kitchens, automation, and proprietary equipment, operational complexity and costs are significantly reduced. This allows franchise owners to focus on what truly matters—delivering unforgettable guest experiences. COO Mark Bailey notes, “We’ve refined our operations to maximize simplicity and efficiency, providing our franchise partners with the tools they need for exceptional success.”

Efficient Labor Model Tailored for Modern Needs

Pepper Lunch's labor model is streamlined for efficiency, requiring only 3-6 staff members during peak hours. The straightforward operations and no-prep kitchen enable franchisees to hire employees without prior culinary experience, while still maintaining the brand's high standards of quality.

Join the Pepper Lunch Family

Pepper Lunch invites multi-unit operators to join a brand that is synonymous with quality and innovation. As the network expands, Pepper Lunch is eager to partner with passionate entrepreneurs who are excited to bring this unique dining experience to new communities. Major territories have been secured in multiple multi-unit deals, and the brand continues to attract significant interest across the US. By selecting the best-qualified partners, Pepper Lunch ensures its legacy will be upheld and enhanced for years to come.

Pepper Lunch offers a franchise model that aligns with current food industry trends and supports business growth through a tried-and-tested system. If you're ready to make a significant impact in the franchise world, start your journey at

Pepper Lunch
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Published: June 19th, 2024

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