Perspire Sauna Studio Infrared Sauna Franchise Boosting Immunity and Expansion Across The USA
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Perspire Sauna Studio Infrared Sauna Franchise Boosting Immunity and Expansion Across The USA

Perspire Sauna Studio Infrared Sauna Franchise Boosting Immunity and Expansion Across The USA

As the nation's first and largest infrared sauna and light therapy brand, Perspire Sauna Studio is in the business of naturally helping people heal from the inside out. And there's never been a better time to experience the power of deep sweat.

While there is much to learn about the prevention and treatment of Covid-19, a strong immune system remains vital to keep us healthy and ready to fight off any illness. 

“Accumulating research has found therapeutic sauna heat can transform immune function in a way that may bolster our body's defenses,” says Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D., an expert on nutrition, aging, and disease prevention. 

“It appears as though sauna use is protective against some respiratory illnesses like pneumonia, as well as COPD, and has been shown to be protective against the common cold,” Dr. Patrick noted on a recent episode of her podcast, ‘Found My Fitness.’ *

Dr. Patrick, a biochemist, has extensively investigated heat therapy as a means to live longer and improve overall health. She believes a prescription for saunas will be “part of the standard of care in the next 10 years for prevention and treatment for a variety of different cardiovascular-related conditions.”  **

A regular sauna practice provides a “remarkable array of health benefits,” according to a review of medical studies outlined in the journal  Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Perspire's state-of-the-art technology combines full-spectrum infrared sauna therapy with the therapeutic beauty of medical-grade chromotherapy, also known as color therapy. Unlike traditional centuries-old saunas, where heat warms the air and, in turn, the surface of the skin, infrared heat penetrates the body's core cells and tissues to detoxify, enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, relieve muscle aches and pains, and purify the skin. Perspire's color light therapy technology also treats various diseases and ailments, such as arthritis, headaches, and anxiety. 

Amid this age of uncertainty, Perspire stands ready to deliver as a top franchise and premier wellness brand for the masses focused on natural health benefits, excellent customer service, and unique guest experiences. 

“We’ve always put the wellbeing of our members and guests first, ensuring we're delivering a clean and safe space to allow for complete surrender and relaxation. Infrared and cedarwood are also naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial which provide extra peace of mind on top of our thorough sanitation protocols,” explains Lee Braun, chief executive officer of Orange County, California-based Perspire Sauna Studio, founded in 2010. 

Each studio features up to 13 modern and spacious private rooms equipped with a state-of-the-art infrared sauna and amenities such as a Smart TV, programmed with a slew of entertainment options, and chilled eucalyptus towel service after each 40-minute session. 

“The nature of our model with each guest having their own unique individual experience inside of their own private room and private sauna is beneficial during times like these [social distancing] but it has been designed to be an escape to your own personal sanctuary,” continues Braun. 

Braun and co-founder Ken Arsenian understood early on the unique healing power of infrared and color light therapy, previously only available in private homes and doctors' offices. “Perspire's infrared saunas aren’t just for mental and physical relaxation, but they truly help people heal,” says Braun. 

The pair spent eight years developing the infrared sauna studio model before launching franchising in 2018 as a proven brand set to soar in the rapidly growing wellness economy. 

Franchise partners are off to a fast start opening nationwide in diverse communities such as Austin, Texas; Omaha, Nebraska; Atlanta, Georgia, Los Angeles, California; Boise, Idaho, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Charlotte, North Carolina; Orlando, Florida; and Nashville, Tennessee. With plans to expand as a global, premium brand for the masses, Perspire seeks to grow with experienced entrepreneurs eager to bring the transformational health and wellness concept to their community.

Now is the time to bring one of the hottest names in wellness to your community. Explore your franchise opportunities at



Perspire Sauna Studio™
The hottest new franchise is here (literally 150°). Perspire has developed, formulated and tested the most superior infrared sauna studio model and is the first national brand to bring this transformational health and wellness service to the masses. Learn More

Published: May 5th, 2020

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