PetWellClinic Franchise Targets White Space
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PetWellClinic Franchise Targets White Space

PetWellClinic Franchise Targets White Space

The term “white space” is riddled with ambiguity. There are many different definitions by many accomplished entrepreneurs. In the case of PetWellClinic, the “white space” we refer to is an unmet need in an antiquated, but booming industry. 

While the standards and methods of veterinary care have evolved by leaps and bounds, the business model has not kept pace. Pet owners in cities without PetWellClinic have two options: Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian (like you would with your Primary Care Physician) or head to an emergency hospital for more serious issues that require immediate attention.

In human healthcare, we have a third option: walk-in clinics. Walk-in clinics have grown tremendously over the last two decades in lockstep with society’s reliance on on-demand services and increased desire for instant gratification. 

In 2009, still in the heart of the Great Recession, PetWellClinic founder and CEO, Dr. Sam Meisler, saw a decline in the performance of his traditional veterinary hospitals. As pet ownership steadily increased every year from the 1990’s on, demand for veterinary services grew and pricing for those services increased in turn. 

Dr. Sam, as he’s affectionately known, was racking his brain for ways to offer more affordable veterinary services. After visiting a walk-in clinic with his wife, Julie Meisler, she asked him, “Why aren’t there walk-in clinics for pets?” At that moment, Dr. Sam discovered the “white space” that is walk-in veterinary care. 

Now, it’s one thing to have an idea, and it’s another to execute and prove it out. The business model would have two unique selling propositions: affordability and the convenience of walk-in care. 

To make pricing more affordable, Dr. Sam needed to reduce overhead. The first step was eliminating excess real estate and maximizing revenue generating space within the footprint (PetWellClinic franchises are 600-1200 SF) by designing an open layout. Next, he needed to reduce the investment in equipment and labor. Realizing that the vast majority of veterinary services requested by clients at his traditional hospital did not require radiology, dentistry, or surgical equipment, he was able to vastly reduce the initial investment and ongoing expenses. 

Now, the tricky part: how do you successfully operate a walk-in veterinary practice when you don’t know how many dogs and cats will be there at any given time? First, you eliminate any complex services or procedures that require a great deal of time or are unpredictable by nature (i.e. surgeries don’t always go as planned). This lined up perfectly with the desire to reduce expensive equipment and overhead. Next, you need streamlined and systemized operations supported by technology. 

Off-the-shelf technology for veterinary practices is all appointment based for smart scheduling, so Dr. Sam used his software programming background to create a cloud-based technology specifically for PetWellClinic. 

In 2010, the theory would become reality as the first PetWellClinic opened in Knoxville, TN. Over the next decade, Dr. Sam would fine-tune and prove out the business model as he opened 3 more locations in his hometown. 

When 2019 rolled around, Dr. Sam noticed that the white space was not unique to Knoxville, and given the scalability of the business model, he decided to attack the white space throughout the country by offering franchises.

Since September of 2020, PetWellClinic has awarded 46 franchises in 4 states and is on track to hit the next milestone, 100 units awarded, by the end of the first quarter of 2021. 

With “white space” comes the first mover advantage, and PetWellClinic is looking to partner with experienced franchise owners that are ready to jump on that opportunity by being first to market and growing quickly across multiple units.

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Published: January 28th, 2021

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