Private Security Franchise GoJoe Patrol is the Right Opportunity at the Right Time  
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Private Security Franchise GoJoe Patrol is the Right Opportunity at the Right Time  

Private Security Franchise GoJoe Patrol is the Right Opportunity at the Right Time  

Last year law enforcement agencies nationwide reported an 18% increase in resignations and a 45% increase in retirements compared to the previous year, according to the Fraternal Order of Police. Furthermore, 78% of all law enforcement agencies have reported difficulty recruiting eligible candidates to fill these large vacancies. These alarming trends continue to create a growing demand for private security services to fill the law enforcement gap.

GoJoe Patrol is a proven franchise that utilizes a unique approach to private security - its people don’t try to imitate the police but rather employ a strategy of de-escalation. The emerging brand is building a reputation for itself in the booming $46 billion security industry.

In a world where crime and vandalism are rampant and law enforcement departments nationwide are being diminished at an alarming pace, GoJoe Patrol offers its clients security and peace of mind.

“From standing guards and mobile patrols to emerging security technology, we know firsthand how in-demand our services are, so we’ve made it our mission to give our customers the security they need with service levels that are unmatched,” said GoJoe Patrol co-owner and Chief Development Officer Harry Sladich.

For more than 27 years, GoJoe Patrol has been developing and refining its processes for maximum effectiveness and client satisfaction. When you franchise with the company you know you’ll have the backing of a solid company showing you how to start and maintain your business, where to source clients, and how to provide the services they require. Best of all, no prior security experience is required.

“We provide a total business plan and proven systems to make the most of this essential and growing industry,” said Sladich. “We teach you the industry, the business behind it, and more importantly, how to sell it.”

Here are Some GoJoe Patrol Key Differentiators:

  • Security guards don’t try to look and act like the police, they are security experts and their image reflects this. GoJoe Patrol has reimagined security and how it’s delivered. 
  • Committed to the environment. Franchisees drive hybrid patrol vehicles and buy carbon credit offsets for every mile they drive.
  • The guard training is hospitality-based. The goal is not to create additional problems but to solve and resolve them.
  • The RevSuite operating platform handles everything from customer reporting and billing to scheduling, AR, and management of data and technology systems.
  • The company employs the latest security solutions and emerging technologies.
  • Recession proof. Security is an essential business.
  • No bricks and mortar required. Work from home or a small office.
  • No security or law enforcement background is necessary.
  • Low entry costs, big returns.

For the right entrepreneur who wants to make an impact in their community, GoJoe Patrol could be the powerful opportunity you have been looking for. To find out more about this unique business opportunity that stands out from other franchise concepts, visit or call Harry Sladich at 509-953-3196.


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Published: September 7th, 2023

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