QWENCH Juice Bar Offers Best Acai Bowls in the Country
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QWENCH Juice Bar Offers Best Acai Bowls in the Country

QWENCH Juice Bar Offers Best Acai Bowls in the Country

QWENCH is a burgeoning and innovative juice bar franchise concept that relies exclusively on fresh ingredients, all-natural flavors, and high nutritional value to create a menu of powerful juice and smoothie superfoods. QWENCH aims to use raw ingredients as much as possible and differentiates itself from other juice and smoothie brands in the marketplace. “We don’t mask our blends with sherbets and frozen yogurt, instead we let the fresh fruit and nutrient-dense foods permeate when blended, allowing for a silky texture and invigorating taste,” says Mitchell Baker, chief marketing officer for QWENCH.

Qwench Social media impact number of likesThe unique upstart brand is also home to the best Açaí Bowl in the country. Really. Health food crazes seem to come and go in America. One craze often gives way to the next. But if you’re unfamiliar with Açaí Bowls get ready to witness a health food that’s been around for years and not only offers numerous health benefits, but also a sustained and proven product that will keep customers coming back time and again.

The primary ingredient in Açaí Bowls is the açaí berry, a reddish purple berry that is native to Central and South America. It’s known for its rich vitamin content and antioxidant value. The highly perishable berry is not available as a whole fruit in the market, but is sold as a frozen açaí puree, açaí powder, juice, and tablets.

Açaí na tigela (Portuguese) or ‘Açaí in the bowl’ (its English translation), is a Brazilian dish made from frozen açaí pulp or powder blended in with milk, coconut water, or just plain water. At QWENCH, the bowls are big, very big, 26 ounces big. QWENCH customers often post pictures of their bowls on Instagram showing off the size and aesthetic appeal. It has become a go-to meal replacement as they are blended with unique ingredients and then loaded with fresh fruit, granola, and other superfoods.

QWENCH is also very much dedicated to providing franchisees with all the tools to be as successful as possible, which is why they’ve developed a food program made of healthy burritos and hearty breakfast and lunch bowls. The food program is packed with grains such as quinoa and brown rice, healthy greens, protein, a unique superfood gravy, and other superfoods.

Qwench Social media impactThe unique store layout at QWENCH was designed to amplify the customer experience. QWENCH locations include a custom-built 20 foot wide vegetable/produce bin with built-in misting system to evoke a “farm fresh” vibe. Fresh fruits and vegetables are prominently displayed and misted every 5-10 minutes. The second WOW element in the store is the “produce jacuzzi” -- a mesmerizing compartmentalized washing system with a light soluble that cleans and rotates produce throughout the day.  

The brand, which was founded in 2015 and began franchising in 2016, prides itself on creating and serving products with great taste, using raw fruit and vegetable juices that are always squeezed fresh in-store. Finally, a juice bar where health and taste co-exist, fueling our metabolism and preserving our health.

“Today’s health-conscious consumers are focused on nutrition, and they are paying more attention than ever to the ingredients that go into the food and drinks they consume,” says Baker. “Our menu appeals to consumers looking for something ‘clean and green’ that tastes good at the same time.”

The QWENCH vision is simple - make genuine health and incredible taste live in perfect balance. Crafting the perfect recipe and maintaining the discipline to honor health is the heartbeat of QWENCH juice bar.

For more information about franchising with QWENCH and selling the best Açaí Bowls in the country, visit https://qwenchjuice.com/franchising.


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Published: September 19th, 2018

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