REVOLISM Diet & Wellness Brand Set To Franchise in Early 2018
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REVOLISM Diet & Wellness Brand Set To Franchise in Early 2018

REVOLISM Diet & Wellness Brand Set To Franchise in Early 2018

Over the past 20 years, internationally renowned dietitian Laura B. LaValle has seen every diet fad imaginable come—and go. LaValle believes the emerging science-based brand REVOLISM is a revolutionary game changer for weight loss, and in many cases, a lifesaver for health.

“This is a diet to help you figure out your response to different foods,” says LaValle, who helped develop the wellness assessment algorithm Metabolic Code, exclusively licensed by REVOLISM. “We help figure out what works for your body.”

Backed by 30 years of science and data, previously only available through doctors, REVOLISM is expected to change the face of the wellness and weight loss industry by bringing the Metabolic Code to franchising. Franchisees are certified as wellness coaches at George Washington University, and receive rigorous training from industry-leading experts, including Metabolic Code pioneers Dr. Jim LaValle, author Cracking the Metabolic Code, and Dr. Andrew Heyman, co-founder and program director of Integrative Medicine at GWU.

REVOLISM’s proprietary wellness assessment digs deep, using the power of the metabolism to go beyond diet and exercise to uncover the mysteries of why people can’t lose weight. The program takes particular aim at carbohydrate intake and food allergens, inflammation culprits for chronic illness. 

“Anything that causes internal inflammation causes us to gain weight and our health to erode,” notes LaValle.

The heart of REVOLISM is in the answers found by cracking the individual’s Metabolic Code — measuring dozens of independent variables in groupings called triads. These triads are at the center of the lifestyle, dietary and supplement changes that REVOLISM provides. The Metabolic Code takes into account how they feel, their lifestyle, dynamic lab markers, and other health markers, like blood pressure, heart rate, and pH to generate a picture of the person’s health in a generated report.

“This is where the magic happens based on your chemistry,” notes LaValle.

With the answers in hand, REVOLISM then crafts a diet, exercise plan, and custom supplements designed to address specific needs, whether it’s stress reduction, fatigue, or weight loss. With nutrition buzzwords, such as gluten-free and wheat-free dominating headlines these days, the program also separates fact from nutrition fiction with support.  

“No stone is left unturned,” LaValle notes. “We take an extremely organized approach to figuring out if people have immune reactions with food allergens involved in their weight gain – because there are a lot of people who do. We help people explore this. We really feel that this is one of the biggest issues and when people try to do it on their own, they really don’t know how to do it right. We lay it out for you.”

Brand experts work in tandem with wellness coaches each step, and with periodic reassessments, to promote a healthy metabolism covering issues such glucose response, stress and sleep management, gut health, immune balance, and detox support.  REVOLISM is a long-term wellness and weight loss program, LaValle emphasizes.

With franchising expected to launch in early 2018, REVOLISM founder David Ramadan, a Certified Franchise Executive, projects the brand will be home to 500 franchisees in five years. For LaValle, who has seen the life-changing results of the Metabolic Code first hand, offering the sustainable power of REVOLISM in an affordable way can’t come soon enough.

“So many people out there know something is wrong,” LaValle says. “Why can’t I burn fat? Why do I only lose five pounds? Why do I have to eat so few calories to lose weight and even then it is limited? This teaches them that it could be stress, not sleeping, gut health, or hormones. The information in this program will be able to help so many people realize things that have been stopping them from being successful.”


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Published: December 7th, 2017

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