Science-Based REVOLISM Is Unique Wellness and Weight Loss Brand
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Science-Based REVOLISM Is Unique Wellness and Weight Loss Brand

Science-Based REVOLISM Is Unique Wellness and Weight Loss Brand

If leading-edge exercise nutrition and weight management expert Benjamin Gonzalez, M.D. has his way, the science-based franchise REVOLISM will change the way we view wellness and weight loss.

Dr. Gonzalez is bringing his passion for holistic health and love of teaching to REVOLISM as chief medical officer of the brand, based on the wellness assessment algorithm of the Metabolic Code, previously only available through doctors.

In a world of fad diets and magic pills, REVOLISM is a game changer for the $1 trillion global wellness and weight loss industry. The program, based on an individuals physiology, and backed by decades of scientific research, is the only clinical and physician-directed metabolic wellness assessment out there, notes Dr. Gonzalez, medical director of Atlantis Medical Wellness Center in Silver Springs, Maryland.

“This is different than any other assessment,” notes Dr. Gonzalez, who created the training curriculum for REVOLISM franchisees. “Yes, this program does help people lose weight, but that is the side effect of taking care of these individuals through this program. Everybody can lose weight. The hardest part is keeping the dang weight off. This is what REVOLISM is about – getting the right tools, in the right place in the body, so that when you do lose the weight, it stays off and your metabolism is in a better place.”

Founded in 2016 by franchise veteran and company president David Ramadan, REVOLISM holds the exclusive franchise rights to the Metabolic Code, a revolutionary program created by nationally recognized, registered pharmacist Jim LaValle, a certified clinical nutritionist, and author of the New York Times-best selling book, Cracking the Metabolic Code. 

Dr. Gonzalez, best known by his patients as “Dr. G,” has seen the power of the proven program firsthand at George Washington University (GWU), where the Metabolic Code is taught as part of the medical school’s integrative medicine program. Franchisees receive the same education from a scientifically star-studded REVOLISM team that includes Dr. Gonzalez and program pioneers Dr. LaValle and Dr. Andrew Heyman, Metabolic Code co-founder and program director of Integrative Medicine at GWU.

“The cool part of the certification is that the Metabolic Code is being taught by the individuals that developed the code,” says Dr. Gonzalez.

Rigorous in-person and online education will cover wellness, weight loss management, and physician-adapted motivational counseling techniques will be rigorous.

Franchisees who successfully complete REVOLISM's training will be certified as wellness coaches by George Washington University.

“We beat up the franchisees a little bit,” Dr. Gonzalez says good-naturedly. “We put them through the tests, we put them through the quizzes – and they have to pass these test and quizzes before they get certified. After that, we do live training – with the science, interviewing, and coaching and the diets themselves.”

The success of REVOLISM’s lies in its reliance on the Metabolic Code and the high quality customized supplements created to address each person’s deficiencies that the code reveals.  The proprietary wellness assessment combines an individual’s comprehensive health and lifestyle history with laboratory analysis and biometrics to create a user friendly report designed to find and fix the weaknesses in the body’s metabolic makeup to restore vitality for all ages.

Under the strong leadership of Ramadan, a Certified Franchise Executive, with the “highest integrity,” Dr. Gonzalez believes the innovative brand can rise above the ‘exercise more, eat less’ noise of the weight loss industry, slammed by celebrity endorsed programs and books, and reality television shows. The possibilities for REVOLISM’s whole person approach to sustain improved health and weight loss are significant, he says

“We’ve been talking about obesity rates since I was in medical school 25 years ago, and it is still exponentially growing,” says Dr. Gonzalez. “If we slowed down and start to reverse the obesity rate—and the difference here is without utilizing drugs—this program will have the potential to reverse the obesity rate in this country – and in the world.”


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Published: October 30th, 2017

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