Speed Growth By Strategic Streamlining Of Sales Process
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Speed Growth By Strategic Streamlining Of Sales Process

Speed Growth By Strategic Streamlining Of Sales Process

Why Now Is The Right Time To Streamline Processes With BoeFly

Franchise brands of all kinds and sizes are forecasting positive growth in 2021 driven by an influx of investors eager to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while enjoying the support of a proven business model. At this moment in time, it’s crucial that franchise brands analyze their current operations and work on streamlining processes. Thinking lean and finding ways to save time and money without sacrificing performance can help boost stable, intelligent franchise growth.

Focus On Growth, Not Chasing Documents

A smart way to begin streamlining operations is to evaluate your internal teams. Do your people have everything they need to handle growth and expansion? Since relationship-building, networking and great client service is key to growing business, don’t burden your team with cumbersome administrative duties that take them away from clients.

Instead, give them the freedom to focus on development by outsourcing time-intensive work like collecting documents for candidate due diligence. Not only does this give them more time to build relationships with strong candidates, but it also gives them peace-of-mind, knowing that their work is backed up by accurate data. As a proven partner in helping franchisors accelerate business growth since 2009, BoeFly knows how to streamline due diligence for franchise applicants with asset verification, and criminal and credit checks to speed development and close more deals.

Connect To Resources For Maximum Expansion

In any successful venture, collaboration and access to valuable insights are key. Our networks offer visibility into better ways of working and strategies for streamlining processes. We work with partners to help them achieve their goals. Outsourcing partners like BoeFly and FranConnect, the franchise management software, and associations such as IFA deliver incredible resources and tools brands would otherwise not be able to access. Technology innovation is at the heart of BoeFly and we are continually expanding our network through partnerships with companies like FranConnect. By integrating our technology solutions into their existing operating system, we’re helping franchise brands streamline their processes and expand their capabilities.

The Right Data Accelerates Success

Emerging or startup brands that are ready to expand but have limited capital need to be extremely strategic in their decision-making. They need clear, actionable, accurate data before they commit time and money to new partnerships. If you’re a franchise brand, you need to vet potential candidates to make sure they’re a good fit for the brand’s mission and goals. You need trustworthy data about a prospect’s liquidity, net worth, credit, and you need to complete background checks to verify that a potential candidate has what it takes to succeed. A third-party provider like BoeFly helps streamline the process by delivering trusted data faster. We use technology to help brands make smarter decisions, speed timelines and optimize processes.

BoeFly’s solutions, especially our Verify tool that streamlines the franchise applicant process into a bite-sized report for the brand’s sales team, can help franchisees expedite financing so they can open more quickly. No matter a brand’s size, having a strategic data-driven applicant vetting process is a critical factor in driving future growth.

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BoeFly drives growth by delivering financially qualified candidates increasing lead-to-franchisee conversion, and helping franchisees secure financing. BoeFly has supported more than 600 unique brands since 2014. Learn More

Published: April 22nd, 2021

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