Tight on talent? Get People Back to Business
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Tight on talent? Get People Back to Business

Tight on talent? Get People Back to Business

As a multi-unit franchise owner, you understand the value of people as one of your greatest business assets. Our employees are the ones who drive innovation, generate sales, deliver service or new products, and help propel a business forward. Certainly, the pandemic disrupted business operations for all businesses, including franchises, and has dramatically changed the workforce. 

As a leading national PEO operated by former franchise owners, we understand your business. That’s why Integrity Employee Leasing focuses on customizing solutions to fit the unique needs of your franchise with a focus on best practices for effective recruitment, training and retention to get people back to business. 

Many small businesses and franchisees continue to face workforce shortages that threaten to derail post-pandemic recovery. We see the signs throughout communities across the country, some, with promises of significant hiring bonuses or other perks. Even McDonald’s offered to pay applicants $50, just for showing up to an interview. Some Taco Bell locations are offering drive-thru interviews. The crunch is even forcing some businesses to reduce their hours or increase their hourly pay, resulting in disputes between franchisees and franchisors over operating hours. 

As these challenges continue, it’s more important than ever for franchisees to focus on people, processes and performance. Employees are clearly the heartbeat of a business and staying competitive in today’s labor market takes skill and strategy that can drain many franchisees of the time and resources that could be devoted to business operations and growth plans. 

By focusing on recruiting, improving employee satisfaction and increasing retention, Integrity Employee Leasing gives franchise owners more time to focus on growing your business. Whether you have one location or five, Integrity will work with you to determine the best approach for your HR needs, including:  

  • Integrity Employee LeasingHiring, training and onboarding best practices; 
  • Processing and providing payroll services; 
  • Filing state and federal taxes on your franchise’s behalf;  
  • Handling and reporting employee work-related injuries; 
  • Assisting in the settlement of unemployment claims; 
  • Processing and delivering W2s; 
  • Providing Human Resource services; 
  • Offering safety practices support.  

Our team prides itself on going above and beyond for every single client, every day to save them time and money. We are hands-on and love being connected with our clients. In fact, they’ll never get an answering machine – after hours, they can reach our President for any emergencies. And, more importantly than ever, working with a PEO means peace of mind. Our team ensures you meet filing deadlines and stays up-to-date on any state and federal rules and regulations that may impact your business. We’re also a licensed insurance agency, and members of our leadership team are Senior Certified Professionals (SCP) through the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), one of the highest certifications someone in their profession can receive.

Whether you have one location, five, or more, franchisees should consider Integrity Employee Leasing as an extension of your business, proactively handling essential administrative tasks, such as paperwork, tax reporting, paycheck distribution and more. This simplifies your workload, reduces your stress and leaves you with more time to manage your business.

Fast Track Your Franchise with Integrity Employee Leasing.


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Published: July 28th, 2021

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