Trick Out Your Business with Web-Based Technology Solutions
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Trick Out Your Business with Web-Based Technology Solutions

Trick Out Your Business with Web-Based Technology Solutions

For multi-unit franchise owners, shifting consumer behavior caused by the global pandemic could be described as scary at worst, and tricky at best. Customers soon headed online to make purchases, find solutions and book services. As a result, many companies had to rapidly evolve their business operations to reach their clients in the digital spaces – a substantial investment of time and energy for owners. Overnight, the world went virtual, propelling web-based technology into the spotlight.

The great news is that web-based technology promises just as much a treat for franchise owners as for their online customers seeking products and services! But how? The right online solutions can help businesses focus on people, not paperwork. Technology can streamline HR processes by storing records, tracking performance and interacting with employees. Making these functions more efficient can also yield increased productivity, with lower expenses and fewer errors.

For example, traditional payroll, timekeeping and other business software often run on a desktop computer or server. But cloud- or web-based technology for human resources services run on the internet, such as online payroll processing or SwipeClock, offering convenient and quick scheduling, time and labor solutions.

Some of the many advantages of human resources web-based technology include: 

  • Widely available to employees and businesses on multiple devices. Access has become increasingly important with employees working remotely or for businesses with multiple locations. Having cloud-based services means businesses can grow without worry about outpacing their systems.  
  • Makes automatic updates as compliance, legal and industry regulations change. This eliminates expensive software updates and concerns of missing significant changes and being out of compliance. 
  • Automates time-consuming administrative tasks for teams, making them less expensive and maximizing people capital.
  • Reduces opportunities for inaccurate manual entry, minimizing the risks of mistakes.  
  • Meets deadlines for direct deposit, payroll tax payments and other time-sensitive functions, avoiding potential penalties and fines from the IRS. 
  • Eliminates the need for server maintenance and security handled by expensive Information Technology (IT) departments.  
  • Saves data securely off site. Natural disasters and damage to on-site equipment can cripple business operations.  
  • Allows employees to have more control over their personal profiles, tax exemptions, payroll data, PTO data and benefits. Access is available anywhere in the world with an internet connection and smartphone, tablet or computer.  
  • Eliminates paper and paper storage. No need to shred documents when they are not needed. Precious space is saved without files and filing cabinets.

What to Look for in Web-Based Technology Business Systems

Franchise owners will want to conduct solid research before selecting technology systems for their businesses. Or, you could turn to Integrity Employee Leasing, one of the leading professional employer organizations (PEOs) in the nation. Our team of experts has already done the heavy lifting to save you time and energy by identifying the best web-based technology solutions for your franchise, including online payroll processing and SwipeClock services. And, our satisfied clients have discovered that cloud-based human resource systems offer them lower upfront costs, real-time updates and decreased liability for business.

Interested in how technology solutions can help your business while preserving your time and energy throughout the busy holiday season? Let Integrity Employee Leasing help you navigate the spooky new world of web-based technology and so much more, no matter which industry you represent. We stand ready to answer your questions, and we’ll do whatever it takes to support your business.

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Published: October 13th, 2021

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