Female Fast Risers - Rachel Frazier 
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Female Fast Risers - Rachel Frazier 

Female Fast Risers - Rachel Frazier 

Name: Rachel Frazier

Brand: Stratus Building Solutions

Title: Marketing Director

Age: 32

Years in franchising:

No. of units: 2,195 unit franchisees, 57 master franchisees 

What attracted you to franchising? The relationships. I get to interact and work with people across the country and all over the world. My passion has always been travel, so it’s interesting to get to know more about different areas and people. It’s also been exciting to watch the company continue to expand, and to consider how many people the Stratus brand and our marketing efforts affect directly each day in a positive way.

What was your first job in franchising? Entry-level marketing coordinator and executive assistant at Stratus Building Solutions 6 years ago.

What do you attribute your success to? I tend to rely on honesty while also being assertive, and that’s worked well for me. I find that if you tell people exactly what you want and expect, you are more likely to reach your marks because there isn’t a gray area. It can be a tough balancing act in business and dealing with so many different personalities, but I work hard to make sure to build positive and respectful relationships with my co-workers, vendors, and franchisees—all while striving to reach goals set for the company as well as for myself.

What challenges and obstacles have you overcome in your career? The biggest challenge for me has been learning how to work with the different personalities that come with franchising. You really have to know how to satisfy a wide variety of needs, from people who are just starting out to established franchisees, and from people with a lot of experience in your area or none at all. It’s been a game of trial-and-error at times.


Describe your journey to your current position: I started out at a low-level position at Stratus in the early days of the new corporate ownership. We didn’t have a marketing department and I saw that as an opportunity to grow. We were able to create this department, and I am so honored to get a chance to lead it and help Stratus increase its footprint quite significantly over the years. Today, I am the lead for the marketing department, responsible for design and implementation of the company’s overall brand and marketing strategy, including but not limited to increasing lead generation, brand awareness, and market share in the franchising and business services space.

What are your future career goals? I have always had a drive to own my own business, even before seeing the benefits directly when I entered the franchising world. I would love to explore opportunities in consulting, and even teaching.

Advice to young female executives in franchising: Don’t be afraid to not be liked. Respect is all you need. Women are often concerned with how they are perceived, but it can be hard to succeed in business and achieve your goals if you are constantly worried about what others think of you. Focus your attention on what’s important and all of the rest will fall into place.

Published: March 18th, 2021

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