Social Media Roundup: October 24, 2017
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Social Media Roundup: October 24, 2017

Social Media Roundup: October 24, 2017

CMOs: 3 Ways To Boost Your Strategic Position at Your Brand

“As a marketing leader, you understand how critical your function is to the success of your business, yet it’s common to feel like you’re swimming upstream to get your task leadership fully invested,” writes Jennifer Barron, a principal at Deloitte Consulting. Sound familiar? “You’re not alone!” she continues. “Many of today’s marketers express this sentiment and are actively looking to increase their strategic importance.” In a recent Advertising Age article, she examines the problem and provides 3 ways for CMOs to position their departments for greater influence and success. For more on each, read the full article here.

  1. Develop leadership. Make sure your C-suite colleagues understand the role of marketing in driving the business and are aligned with your vision and strategy from the start.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone. Consider your own habits, perspectives, and personal comfort zone, and push yourself to become more educated and balanced.
  3. Bring the customer into the boardroom. When you show your board the criticality of bringing the customer into the room, the more important marketing becomes and the more your business can thrive.

What’s Ahead for Social Media? 10 Trends Predicted for 2018

As 2017 winds down, consumer marketing pros are doing their best to plan for the changes ahead – while still doing their best to keep up in 2017. In an article that ran earlier this year on, Deep Patel, author of A Paperboy’s Fable: The 11 Principles of Success, takes a look at 10 coming social media trends:

  1. Rise of augmented reality
  2. Increasing popularity of Instagram Stories
  3. Continued investment in influencer marketing
  4. Focus on Gen Z
  5. Increasing brand participation in messaging platforms
  6. Expansion of live streaming
  7. Rethinking Twitter
  8. Digital hangouts go mainstream
  9. Facebook Spaces goes mainstream
  10. Social platforms embrace stronger governance policies

Playing Well Together: A Story of Marketing & Sales Alignment

Marketing and sales alignment is the dream of most franchise brands. While it still remains a dream for many, here’s a tale of how these two increasingly related functions did learn to work together. In a light-hearted, yet instructive, article, Mollie Bodensteiner, vice president of marketing at FunnelWise, writing on, takes 3 “real world” lessons from this true story of a marketing and sales team thrown together. “As a marketing (and former sales) professional, I have had the not-so-privileged opportunity to play a starring role in marketing and sales misalignment,” she writes. “What I have learned, and continue to learn, is that alignment does not happen overnight, but is critical to the success of a business.” The three lessons?

  1. Unified funnel = One view, one interpretation
  2. United metrics = Honest discussion
  3. Unified focus = Aligned interest

Learn more here.

Turning Negative Reviews Into New, Loyal Customers

As customers continue to turn to online reviews to express their outrage at the slightest of slights – from the wrong condiment on their burger to a server who didn’t light up like a Christmas tree at the mere sight of said customers – the importance of responding effectively to complaints continues to grow. This, along with the increase in potential customers reading these reviews on their smartphones, makes competence in this area more important that ever. “When people share their feedback online, they’re also giving you the opportunity to transform that criticism into new customers,” writes Elizabeth Wellington on HelpScout. “By facing negative reviews head-on and graciously resolving outstanding issues, you lead with customer service. You show a growing community of people just how you run your business.” Using screenshots of customer feedback and responses from the brand, she shows how to make the most of a bad review. Some suggestions: 1) Leaders must respond to online reviews; 2) Consider online review platforms besides Yelp; 3) Be specific in your responses. She also lists 3 common mistakes to avoid and concludes, “After all, no one is perfect. It’s what you do with imperfection that counts.”

Published: October 22nd, 2017

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