Strong Unit-Level Economics Boosts Franchise Sales
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Strong Unit-Level Economics Boosts Franchise Sales

Unit-level economics. This single key is the greatest predictor of a franchisor's future success! All enduring franchise brands are built on a foundation of both the consistent successes of its existing franchisees and almost certain financial successes of future franchisees


Right now, as you read this, many thousands of potential franchisees are searching online for a way make a better life for themselves and their families. These candidates may not contact you until they first satisfy three basic questions every candidate has:

  1. Does your business make money?
  2. Is the business sustainable? Will it continue to make money into the foreseeable future?
  3. Can I see myself in the business?

If, through your online presence, franchise candidates can predict that your model will satisfy these three concerns, you are much closer to your goal of filling your franchise sales pipeline with highly engaged and buyer-ready franchise candidates. Remember, these candidates often reach these conclusions through "guesstimation" before they talk to you.

So if candidates can't quickly and almost effortlessly determine that your franchise model satisfies these three concerns, they'll quickly dismiss your opportunity before you have the chance to share the rest of your story. Most won't ever fill out a lead form or call, and you'll never realize how close you might have been to a sale.


In the absence of credible information, human beings appear to be wired to make up a worst-case scenario to fill in their information gaps. If franchise candidates can't research your opportunity online and find some evidence that your business model produces highly predictable long-term sustainable profits, they may automatically assume it doesn't. If they can't find evidence your franchisees are happy, they may assume they aren't.

Right at this moment, somewhere in cyberspace, surfing the web are franchise candidates who could and should buy your franchise, but perhaps they have either dismissed or glossed over your opportunity because - in the absence of information to the contrary - they wrongly assume your business model won't work for them.

I don't want to oversell the value of financial performance. While it's first and foremost on the list of what people are looking for, there is more to the list. In his classic 1968 Harvard Business Review article, "One More Time: How do you motivate employees?" psychologist Frederick Herzberg found that while an adequate income is critical to the satisfaction of an employee, money is by no means the only factor. On the one hand, Herzberg found money to be an "all or nothing" yardstick for bottom-line satisfaction. In other words, if the money is not right (by the employees' definition of "right"), people will discount all the other drivers and motivators, such as "making a difference," "learning," "new challenges," "loving the work," "flexibility," "control," and "personal achievement."

While many franchise candidates are unemployed or under-employed, other candidates in the franchisor's pipelines are already making a good living. However, aside from earning a steady paycheck, many can't find a compelling reason to go to work in the morning. Money alone isn't enough to keep their heads in the game. As long as the quality of life and other drivers are available in your business model, many candidates will consider taking a short-term step back in earnings to experience the long-term quality-of-life and financial benefits.

Next month: Part 2, Action Items for using your brand's ROI and FPR to attract candidates.

Joe Mathews is a founding partner of Franchise Performance Group, which specializes in franchisee recruitment, sales, and performance. He is a regular presenter at IFA conferences, an instructor with the ICFE, and a book author. This article is from his free, downloadable e-book, The Franchise Sales Tipping Point: 10 Keys to Creating a Franchise Sales Breakthrough. Contact him at 860-567-3099 or

Published: August 3rd, 2011

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